Troops production stops for no reason (still enough resources and population)

  • The last days I faced multiple times that after I started the production of troops, it has disappeared. I'm sure I started it, and that there are enough resources and population. It does not happen to all cities, only one. Sometimes it stopped halfway, sometimes it didnt even start. I had this issue several times the last days on Chichen Itza server. I never had this before, playing the game for several months. I hope you can reproduce the problem, and find the root cause.
    Thanks for looking into that. Anyone else with this problem ?

  • We can't reproduce at the moment, but usually when this happens it is due to resources supply running short. Could it be that you start with enough resources to recruit, but as time passes something happens that changes your resources left? As you probably know units are not recruited immediately, but one by one, so in order for the order to complete there has to be enough resources from the beginning to the end of the recruiting order. Also notice that you need corn for a lot of the units, so one thing that could be happening is simply that you run out of corn in the city while the order is still in progress.

    If you still experience this issue please pay attention to the things I note here, and if you are sure it has nothing to do with any of this report back again and we'll take a look.