Quipu House won't let me build it.

  • I've fulfilled all the requirements...the last one being commerce. I did that one from a different city, if that could be the reason.

    But with every requirement fulfilled, and the right season...it's not showing any other requirements...it's still not letting me build it. It tells me that I haven't met all the requirements, yet I have.

  • Hi Den, I assume you account is Den on Uxmal? If so I just checked and it looks like you were able to build the Quipu House in the end. If that's not you let me know your player name/server so we can check. It can ocasionally happen that requirements desynchronize, but it usually resynchronizes back on its own shortly, and if not a quick message here on the forums is enough for us to address it manually, provided we can find your player name and server. Let me know if you still need help, we'd be happy to assist.

  • I've seen that before and found out it was that I needed to upgrade the Sun Temple to get more Population. Could this be it?

    I realize this is an old post but thought it might help others now.