FAQ - 5. Research

  • - What do I need research for?
    The research of technologies is very important in Tentlan: you need to research various technologies to unlock buildings, other researches, feasts, and units. Besides, each research grants a certain bonus (such as more warehouse space, speedups, etc.). You'll find all bonuses listed in the Observatory.

    - Are there any level limits for researching technologies?
    There are no hard limits, but there are some limitations as to the bonuses each research confers, as well as to the amount of resources you may need to invest into each upgrade. Taking into account the bonus caps, it is possible to research technologies up to the following levels:

    - Mathematics, Nature, Agriculture, Medicine, Architecture - up to level 40;
    - Engineering, Diplomacy, Commerce, Pottery, Goldsmith's Art - up to level 30;
    - Chronology, Astronomy, Astrology - up to level 20;
    - Cosmology - up to level 9.
    There are no limitations for the research of Espionage, since it does not grant any bonus, but fulfills a pre-determined function.

    - Do I need to research technologies for each city separately, or do they apply to all my cities?
    All research technologies are to be researched only once, as they are valid for all your cities. You can continue researching them out of any city, given the city you want to conduct a research from meet all the requirements.

    - Is there any way to reduce the research time?

    You can reduce the research time by switching the season to "Summer" and thus obtaining a 20% speedup. Besides, keep upgrading the Observatory, as each new level reduces the research time by 2%.