• The current attack system is very poor

    When i was attacked i lost all my troops which were half the number of the attacker plus had lvl 8 walls

    I find it totally unfair attack system when my troops number equaled NO losses to the attacker.
    This makes this game a joke.
    you show me any war were an army has no losses in a war.

    the walls and that no matter how big the enemy forces are the run to the cities walls before coming in to the enemy range would end up in losses of some troops
    for an enemy to have 0 losses is a joke and if this remains then you will loss the rest of the players
    this game has little to do to start with but a faulty attack system means the writers of this game have no imagination.
    and should be sacked X(

  • Hi Scorpio. If you have a look at the FAQs on this forum, there are lots of hints and useful information about how to defend against attacks. The Battle Simulator within the game helps players calculate the minimum number and type of troops needed to defeat an opponent without any losses - that is one of the 'skills' of the game. Of course the game will not be to everyone's taste but each player has the capacity to be successful at it.