A REAL peace server?

  • Not sure if anyone else has already suggested this, but how about an actual peace server? Something like, unlimited barbarian attacks, and PVP is either optional, or disabled? (Would require removing the spy, attack, and probably the tribe quest) Right now PVP is forced even on the supposed "peace" servers, and generally the standard for EB games is that PVP is entirely optional anyway.

    Optional PVP: "Soft" option, since so many people in this game seem to really want this to be a war game even though it was advertised as EB. Those who opt out are still vulnerable to being f*cked over by aggro/coiners, but they have the recourse of barbarian farming and can actually rebuild. Deletion of relevant quests means they're not forced to risk starting a war just to progress in the game.

    Disabled PVP: Ideal. Barbarian attacks only. People might actually stay in the game on a server like that. Even with the peace server rules aggros find a way to drive off everyone else. Spoken as someone who had to abandon the game altogether for about 6mo because I literally could not leave it for 10 unplanned minutes without risking losing all my troops and most of my resources to an attack from someone who had no business attacking someone with that kind of score differential. That happened several times! I'm only back now because the Christmas truce is actually giving me a fair shot at rebuilding.

    Appreciate any counters or additions to these ideas.

  • All due respect and all. Not to be rude. But I'm sick and tired of people calling it a war game and using it to justify some of the wanton attacking-as-harassment type stuff that goes on (Not saying you do, just emphasizing that it happens a lot). From the moment I first heard about this game it was advertised and set up as an EMPIRE-BUILDING game. Having played many of those (it's my favorite genre), I know that an EB game is set up to be half and half build and war, AT MOST. Most of the time it's just about all build with just a touch of war. And this is possibly the only EB game I've ever played that actually FORCES the PVP by having quests, etc, where the meat and potatoes of EB game is supposed to be PVE-style. Ofc the playerbase doesn't help, since they all seem hellbent on making an EB game into a war game.

    Side note: Barbarian warfare is still warfare. Devs and players want an EB-war hybrid? Barbarian warfare is the option that doesn't run the risk of running players off, and is more standardized so the lowest and highest levels alike have their match. PVE beauty.

    Given that, then, all I'm suggesting is a SINGLE server, alongside the many "normal" servers (which actually play like war servers), the war server (I don't even want to think about that one), and the two peace servers (which are more like the 50-50 that pushes the limits of the EB definition), a SINGLE server to actually be a full-on PVP peace server i.e. closer to what an EB game is actually supposed to be.

  • there still is the tactical aspect, and i agree some players seem to have fun in making people stop playing, yet, if you play a little tactical, they can do nothing to you. and maybe there is a public for the kinda of gaming you suggest, but i most certainly wouldn't play it, like i neither play on the war server, i kinda like the peace server

  • We are open to that. We reckon that people seem to like the tactical aspect of PvP (despite being a bit brutal at times, yes), hence why we didn't disable it entirely in peace servers, but we are happy to hear more opinions.

  • seria bueno un servidor de prueba que sea sin ataques y ver como va las cosas, podria ser un servidor donde las tropas no mueren pero si hay saqueos, ya que la peor parte de los servers de guerra es que al reconstruccion de las tropas toma harto tiempo

  • I just looked at the official advertisement for the game of Tentlan on Facebook (which is where I found out about the game originally) and this is what it says:

    In the heart of the rainforest, a stunning view opens up to a white limestone city - your city in Tentlan. Travel back to mysterious cultures, become a mighty emperor, and experience the Mayan civilization in your own skin!

    * Take the place of a governor Ahau and develop your settlement to a great empire!

    * Recruit the legendary Jaguar and Eagle warriors and lead them to the battle!

    * Control the seasons through rituals and use their effects to your advantage!

    Play now: http://en.tentlan.com/

    Nowhere on this description does it say it is only and Empire-Building game. It clearly states that you can recruit Jaguar and Eagle warriors and lead them into battle, so if you had read the description fully, and comprehended it, then a person would assume that if troops were involved in a game, it would NOT only be an Empire-Building game. Tentlan should not have to change the dynamics of the game due to your distaste of the "attack and war" aspect of the game. You are the one who should either adapt to the game or go find one more suited to the style of game you want to play.

    I will agree that the 10 times attack rule should be scaled down to more suitable odds. It does promote bullying and encourages coiners (but if there werent coiners, then the game would make no money). I find the 2 times the attack rule to be very fair on the new peace server. I would NEVER be interested in a server where you could only attack barbarians and build. That is boring and would not generate revenue for the game. You have been posting on this forum for the game to change for a long time. I have reviewed some of your previous posts. The game needs some tweaking here and there but if you learn to play correctly, then the game should be enjoyable. If the game is not enjoyable to you, then I wish you the best in finding a game that is.

  • I figure the game makes decent money from all the other servers; PVP aside, there are those who enjoy builder-type games but are so impatient that they will pay money to progress faster, even if they are only competing against the environment. Look at any PVP-optional EB game on the app store and you will see that they make plenty of money through microtransactions. If anything, Lionmoon would probably make more money, since they would retain those types of players rather than facilitate their being driven off by the borderline harassment on some of these servers.

    That said, even people such as myself, who don't have the money to spare and only put time into the game, are valuable by virtue of the fact that they will get more people to play, including coiners. The war-heavy nature of the game requires near-constant time; and some of us are full-time workers, students, or both (such as myself) and don't have that kind of time. Not having the option of a server where success is correlated to one's time/planning/money and nothing else is a recipe for a needlessly frustrated and alienated player.

  • i don't play woith money on here, i work fulltime, away from computers, and i got a private life away from computer also, yet i seem to do not so bad, as i'm well aware there is a tactical aspect to the game, something u can't seem to understand. there are plenty of other games what give what you are looking for, so why u so desperate to change this game in one of those?

  • Sunk cost, I suppose. Presented and set up as EB. Fantastic first few hours of a sure new EB classic then BAM! farmed by 3 tribes and it was totally game legal. Dirty bait-and-switch on the part of devs, that, but I'm not in the habit of letting the "bad guys" win, as it were. Draw in EB fans only to try to either drive them off or suck them into going broke on you? We'll see about that.

    And yes, I'm aware of the tactics and fairly competent. Ask anyone who's tried me only to get dodged with 3 secs to go until attack. Now, do that without ever losing (because if you lose you get set back a week), without ever running out of corn with which to walk, and having to plan all of that, on 4 servers, 3 of which have multiple cities, to the minute on the unpredictable schedule of a college student who also works fulltime. Can you see how that's a lot easier said than done even for someone who knows the tactics?

  • If you dont have the time to commit to the game, then the answer is simple. Dont play the game. Stop trying to change it and just go play something else. And I even posted where it was NOT advertised as an EB game but you fail to see that or recognize that. You want to mold this game to your expectation of what it should be. If you have the time, then play. If you dont have the time then go find another game. End of discussion. Stop beating a dead horse.

  • 1) True PvP Server -- what is the point of having troops -- to defend against the barbarians and such -- and if a true PvP server were made these "and such" could be expanded upon and of course gauged to the player's current power level. Further perhaps some of these "and suchs" are things like natural disasters and/or diseases that you have to create a plan for to devise methods of surviving these kind of things.

    2) Is this kind of game fun -- yes it is for some but -- but yes not fun for war-mongers because they are all about stomping all over the little guy and rarely take on true challenges. Sure there are a handful of war-mongers that enjoy challenges but more often than not that kind of game just promotes bully-tactics and nothing more. Which has proven, time and time again to ruin a game in the long run. So for those who wish to war-monger they join a server that is dedicated to it and watch it build up and die off, again and again and again. While those who wish to not be subjected to such can go and enjoy the game flavor and such in a world of challenge without needing to worry about the bully-types that get off on making a game less fun for others.

    3) Now in my opinion a semi-Peace Server (which has been described) should require an even smaller ratio of say no more than 1.25% of the defenders strength and where tactics beyond over-whelming force are actually required -- takes no brains to attack another player when you are twice as powerful as they are. This would then mean that even if you did attack someone and they used solid defensive tactics and your attacking tactics were just throw troops at them you could easily lose even if you had superior attacking power. This would promote thinkers versus bullies -- which most in my experience in a multitude of games that PvE servers promote to the point that, even though I often beat greater armies I get tired of the brainless folks that can only use overwhelming forces to beat someone. That and many war servers do not reflect all the tactics of war or even none at all. I have encountered an extreme few where you could utilize most of the tactics of war but those were extremely rare and hard for most war-mongers to succeed and since it depends on PvE with brains very few succeeded long term. This is why a mix of balanced-PvE with PvP options would help a game stay around longer but again the PvE has to be balanced as soon as it gets out of whack for whatever reason the bully-types will exploit that and go back to brainless tactics.

    I say all that mainly because I am a proponent of PvP having gotten tired of most PvE style games as they lack in the ability to exercise tactical maneuvers and long term strategical thinking that would had been used in real life and simply devolve into the one with the biggest number wins. No morale, no tactical maneuvers, no nothing beyond -- Attacker's (Attack Power / Defense Power) versus the Defender's (Attack Power / Defense Power) <-- not that can integrate more complex math but most war games basically boil down to that unless you can encounter one where the developers actually factored in how to implement all the various tactics that would have been available to a real leader

    So -- Is there a True PvP Server -- or is the Peace Server (aka only semi-PvP with some PvE still in place) the only thing that is close to that.