• Hi Gaviotta

    I see you locked that thread.

    May I point out that Foxy felt the need to reply to my thread and she is trying to get under my skin.

    I did NO wrong.

    IF anyone needs to be talked to it is her not me.

    Also unlike myself she is choosing to register on this Forum under another name when many of us know she is Zexa / Zinx.

    She has now just about confirmed it.

  • Hi Gaviotta,

    I think it was the right thing to close that thread.

    I am responding to this latest 'post' as it refers to me. I assume that is ok and will not be perceived as me attempting a dermattack.

    If you ever feel that I need to be 'talked to', I will welcome this and I am sure that you will do so.

    I have registered on the forum using my current character on the Chichen Itza server, as I no longer play on the Mayapan or Uxmal servers. If this is not allowed, please let me know.

    It matters not to me whom TaneMahuta or any other players think I am in real life; which game character I have played previously; or what gender they perceive me to be, other than the fact that those who believe I am female treat me differently (and not in a good way) to those who do not!

  • Come on guys, I don't think having this discussion is necessary in the first place. I understand that there may be certain rivalry in-game, but let's try to be civic about it. To be clear, we do not think that either of you is in the wrong (whether Foxy played or used the forum before under a different name or not is not something we consider a violation of the rules, so as long as there is no simultaneous usage of multiple accounts on the same server or in the forums), and the reason my colleague Gaviotta closed the previous thread is just because 1) the original question had been answered and 2) the discussion was getting accusatory and inflammatory, which we don't want to foment, regardless what was being discussed.

    So, to reiterate, our position here is merely that of avoiding public inflammatory discussion in the community. If there is something regarding Foxy and/or TaneMahuta in-game behaviour that you believe to be against the rules, let us talk about that privately as we always do when it comes to this kind of reports.