Chat moderation

  • I realize it's VERY early to mention this, but I've seen people leave games because the chat was too strictly (and some would have argued unfairly) moderated and also others leave games where chat was unmoderated or loosely moderated and it got just nasty and vile.

    Tribe chat should be private and unmoderated (with the possible exception of real life threats). If players don't like what is there, talk to tribe officers with a view to getting it calmed or else leave the tribe.

    General chat is more tricky. My personal preference is for a moderated sensible channel AND an unmoderated "chat" channel, with the ability to turn off certain channels.

    Officer chat for ranks above ???? within a tribe. Not moderated obviously.

  • There will be chat moderation, since a public chat open for everyone is bound to have less than desirable messages eventually. But it's not our intention to control and dictate what can and cannot be said in the chat down to every letter either, since that would be no fun, so our moderation approach, at least for now, will be relatively hands-off. We'll naturally intervene if players send nasty and highly offensive messages, or if they flood/spam the chat, but other than that we don't intend to apply strict censorship or the like.

    Multiple chat channels are definitively an option going forward and something we'll look into as the volume of messages grows.

    As for private messages, tribe wall and eventually tribe chat, I agree that these should stay unmoderated and that is the plan currently. It will still be possible to report real-life threats and other extreme cases like you mention as well.

    That'd be our position in a nutshell, but we are happy to hear more opinions on this if you believe we should take another direction. Needless to say if you want to report questionable behaviour in-game you can contact me or anyone from the team any time.

  • Hi M0H0, Hi Gaviotta...

    Can you do something about those nice <3 replacing possibly offending words ?

    By example there is no possibilities to say "forum" (rum is replaced) or something (meth is replaced)

    I understand the idea behind (even if replacing slave by heart in a Mayan game...) but replacing bad words in a middle of an another is really annoying and contribute to the fact that less and less is speaking there...

    Thanks in advance ;)


  • The chat filtering bug should now be fixed in all servers. Thanks for reporting and sorry for the delay in addressing this, obviously this shouldn't have happened in the first place.