Adding some random event

  • Doing the first part of my AAR gave me some idea as it exists already in some games.

    Can you add some random events who will affect your Leader and people capacity...

    Example 1: There is an eclipse, the people trust that you're responsible : Less production during next 24 hours.
    Example 2: The god of wind, Huracan is pushing your troops behind their back and make them move faster home....

    These event and example (i have some more in mind if Devs are interested)

    We need to be careful to use it no more than once or two per week but this can add some fun.

    What do you think about it ?


  • Good idea, we need much more of this to keep the game alive. We also need to consider ideas how to achieve these event prices: for example level up your jaguar temple or some research 1-few levels in a reasonable time span. Other prises could be temporary 30% build time bonus, or 30% research bonus for a certain period or for just 1 upgrade in 1 city.

  • Yes guys until such time as some serious upgrades that need doing are done other possibilies exist.

    We could have say a Christmas 'event'. Say for example the 'event' is to attack say a level 6 Barb camp and win and the first player to do this gets say so many warriors of some type they have done the research to have.

    This wont stop players attacking others but this kind of thing could rejuvenate MAYAPAN and UXMAL at the least. Of course in MAYAPAN some of can take out a LVL6 Barb camp but not lvl 7 so one would have to be aware of that also.