• Be nice if the watch tower could be changed to show troops of incoming attacks regardless of the level of the attacker's. Maybe have a specific radius depending on level of watch tower that increases as watch tower is leveled up. Level of watch tower of attacker should not affect on what a person can see as watch tower is just for incoming troops. For instance at level 1 you would have say 1 minute to see troops to be able to see what is coming at you. At level 20 maybe 20 mins to see attacking troops. As it is now if your watch tower is lower than the person attacking you, you can't see troops at all because the attackers watch tower overrides yours which is only a benefit for bigger players which goes against what the watch tower is meant to do. A watch tower over an hour march away should not have any affect over mine trying to see troops coming at me and only a couple minutes out.

  • Hi Lone Wolf.

    I stand to be corrected on this but I don't think the level of the attacker has any bearing on whether their troops are visible to their opponent. I understand that it can be frustrating when you cannot see the number and type of troops spying or attacking you (it has happened to me on several occasions). However, for me, this is an integral part of the game and, from my understanding, is what the developers of the game intended. I would argue that any player can choose to put resources into upgrading their Watch Tower (and espionage for that matter) and benefit accordingly irrespective of their level/strength.

    It would be interesting to hear the views of other players.

  • You make a very good point Lone Wolf.

    In Real Life one can see an attacking force however strong from one's watchtower once they are near.

    So really the statement "In order to see the details of incoming troops, your watchtower shouldn't be more than 2 levels below the opponent's espionage level" makes little sense.

    What might make more sense is for the difference between the watchtower level of the defender
    and the espionage level of the attacker having an impact on how soon a defender can see the the attack. But for this to have any effect then the attack times will have to change. As it stands unless the attacker is attacking from a long way away an attack lands relatively quickly. THis can only change if either the travel speeds of the warriors were changed or else if the time to get from one set of co-ordinates to another was made a bit longer or else a combination of both.

  • ah yes thank you TaneMahuta it is the attackers espionage level not their watch tower level, which only makes it even worse that that should affect what I can see coming at me as espionage by definition is about spying it should have no bearing on seeing troops coming at you.

  • Hi all, I've never actually thought of it in the way you've described, i.e. that in real life you would be able to see incoming troops from your Watch Tower, and that espionage is chiefly concerned with spying. After consideration, I think these are valid points in so far as how the actions and wordings within the game relate to real life. That said, I rather like the game the way it is ! What does anyone else think?