• I would like the dev's to chime in regarding how spying works.

    I would like to know what is the key factor in defending against enemy spies? Is it only Espionage? Does the amount of spies you have sitting in your city has a defending effect at all?

  • I'm not a Dev but I believe it is Espionage, the amount of spies you send (10 max, more spies, greater chance.)

    The amount of spies the enemy has doesn't yet seem to affect your own efforts.

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  • Furry is correct. Currently the only factors that have an influence are the level of Espionage in the Observatory and the amount of spies being sent. To defend against spying attempts, you can only upgrade your espionage level at the moment.

    This is subject to change however since we are considering introducing changes in the spying system as well.