wall bugg or is someone edditing my account?

  • today i wanted to complete a quest i work on since a long time
    the task is to upgrade the wall to lvl 13
    i thought thats easy
    so i opened my capital city leeuwarden and i wanted to click on the bonus

    suprise suprise

    but my wall was only lvl 2 in my capital city
    and my watch tower was only lvl 10

    this is so strange im sure my wall was much higher in lvl

    the requirement of being able to build a watchtower is to have the wall lvl 5

    what happend?

    is someone editing my account?
    can someone break down a wall with attacks?

    please can someone investigate

    greetz bert

  • dear gaviotta thats a little a shock/suprise for me, i expected that i only could lose soldiers in attacks.
    are more buildings able to be being lost during attacks?

    what buildings you can lost when you are attacked?

    greetz bert

  • Hi Bert, no other buildings can be destroyed, only the city wall; however, it cannot be destroyed completely, level 1 will alsways remain.

    Otherwise, from things you can lose in the game, it may be:
    - units when someone attacks you or whenever you attack others,
    - your city can be pillaged by others,
    - or your units can lose stamina if there are no corn reserves in the city where you have your troops (not at once though),
    - amazon warriors and nahuals will change sides if a battle is lost.
    Apart from these points, there is nothing else that can be destroyed or lost.