• What the game is calling world map is only what I'd call region or local map.

    Is there another map of the whole world where we can see which tribes have their cities, or the ability to zoom out from the existing map and see larger areas?

  • I don't think there is a 'Zoom In/Out' feature, pretty sure there isn't at least.

    The 'World Map' is large, but not too large, you can scroll pretty far.

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  • OK problem is my end then, I have NO scrolling in world map.

    edit: I can scroll up/down, left/right but I am wanting to zoom ie see bigger areas and what tribe the cities belong to.

  • As for zoom that's something I can't answer, we'll have to wait for M0H0.
    As for which cities belong to what Tribes, you have to highlight that city with your cursor, it will will say underneath the cities name something like; [Tenoc]Furry

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali

  • Zooming is indeed not implemented yet in the worldmap, but as Furry suggests, it should be possible to scroll far beyond the visible region by simply dragging and dropping the worldmap with your mouse, or using the arrow keys in your keyboard. It's also possible to jump from one location in the worldmap to another using the coordinates input in the bottom left corner (e.g. from 100:100 to 600:600). There is also currently no visual aid to distinguish which cities belong to which players and tribes until you hover with your mouse each specific city, as Furry mentions.