Ability to pull resources from another city

  • Often we need to move resources from one city to another. At this time we can only push from the city that has extra, not pull from the city needing them. And often we need to do careful calculations to work out how much to send.
    I would like to see a market feature like "request resources". Say City 1 has extra and City 2 needs them. In City 2's market you should be able to request resources. The maximum you can request is the least of 3 things: the amount the poloms or poches in City 1 can carry, resources that are not needed for buildings or troops already in City 1's queue, or City 2's warehouse space. You should be able to mix what resources are sent. That could be any combination of limestone, obsidian, cacao and corn.

  • I kinda like this, but I would just add it under send resources section and add possibility to collect resources from target city. Auto calculation is kinda extra feature that I dont see to be needed really. Feathers free would be much more needed interface feature. Current klikity klick is just annoying when you have more than 4 cities.

    Also this game should not make this any kind of priority right now. Game needs much more improving in warfare and community areas of the game. And I dont see this to be small improvement. I could imagine this takes some work to do.. and offers very little impact in overall enjoyment.