Answer Email Messages

  • Hi all,

    I sent an email to support@lionmooncom a few days ago and received a full reply today. I suspect that with the forthcoming changes regarding troop transfers many players will be emailing about previously donated troops and this could be causing some delay.


    Captain B

  • I've been wanting to get my email validated and although I've tried the 'resend' several times it never comes through. It's an Imap account and not standard but it's valid and tested from assorted locations. I have contacted support a couple times about it and asking why possibly the verification is not coming to me by support hasn't responded. I have supplied them an alternate email address which is an account but still no answer. It seems support isn't contacting people much which is too bad. I'm still hoping for some kind of information.

  • I do not think these guys give a rats ass what happens in this game. I have sent numerous message and e-mails to the Company and to members in this game page and NOTHING!!! I am about ready to report them to the authorities that regulate these games!!!! If you are going to make a game and put it online and charge people to but stuff to make you game better, then you should have someone(s) ready to answer questions quickly, not DAYSSSSS and WEEKSSSS later!!! When and if I get back in the game from instructions to reset my password and I find MONTHSSSSS of playing down the drain and my 3 cities are destroyed (Troops dead and all my resources gone) for being -in-active and the leader of my Tribe has kicked me out for non-play, these ASS HOLES better make good my account!!!

  • If we offered our admin. an support to this game, taking my precious time to help members and players a like, would I even have a way of helping them, because, the one's who are helping sure seem to have their hands tied behind their backs because the support staff e-mail account does not even work; I have sent 2 e-mails to the support e-mail account and spelled two different ways just in case and every time it sends back a response to my personal e-mail account that NO such e-mail support account is there to respond; what is with that?

    I just hope when SOMEONE with admin. abilities finally get this cleared up with this Company or what ever it is, that they make my player account updated to when this happened 6/19/2019; all my resources lost is credited and my troops lost is credited and anything else, so I can keep playing as though it was fixed right away; by sending the instructions they say to reset my password account ( 1 day at least). Plus, send a message to my Leader of my Tribe explaining it too, because, I really like these guys and gals I have been playing with>>>>>>>>etc. to be continued, LOL>>>>>

  • Also, I just got an e-mail sent to my Gmail account from Gtribe explaining that I am entered in some type of giveaway; I wonder if this is the same game and Company, if it is, why can they do this but not tkae care of complaints, hahahahah!

  • So, after a week of not playing WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN TO OUR TRIBE AND CITIES!!!! So, are you telling us game Admin. guys and gals that they will be nice enough to go back when this problem happend and give back our resources and troops we lost and maybe even or cities???? Also contact our Tribe leader and let them know we had that problem with the game and it was not us being ASS holes and not playing without going on Vacation mode???? I doubt it!!!!!!