Map and City identifying

  • Would it be possible to place a border on the map, so you aren't scrolling around endlessly looking for players? Or possibly placing landmarks and other NPCs with resources inside, not just Barbarian cities.

    Would it also be possible to make it easier to find cities you might be at war with, or friendly with? Give the cities flags, with their Tribe tag on it. If they are hostile, Red flag, friendly, Blue flag, or same alliance Green flag. For cities without a Tribe, or neutral, their flags can be Grey or White.

    Love the game tho :)

  • Currently, I think there is an edge to the map; you can't scroll to lower than 1 or greater than 1000.

    Also, your cities and the cities belonging to members of your tribe look different:

    Your Cities: Allied Cities: Other Cities:

    However, I also think it would be somewhat helpful if the cities of enemy/friendly tribes were also displayed differently.