• em the #4 rule is not about that .... im not allowed to send u 10000 attacks with 1 lancer ... but if i spy u and attack u once every 12 hours its ok ... (im not one of them, just giving example)

  • Spying you twice a day, as you stated, is not hindering your game play. It is perfectly legal to spy a player in order to attack them. If you choose to move your resources when you are spied, then that is good game play on your part. It is a war game and you need to expect to be spied and attacked by players. They have every right to spy you to see if they want to attack or not. Also, it does not matter what a players' points levels are. If the game allows them to spy you, then it is also legal. I think you are exaggerating things just a bit about having to walk your troops and resources all day long. How would you have 83k points if you weren't allowed, at some point, to build and research and recruit?. I think you just want to complain about having to move your troops and resources and are trying to complain about people who are just playing the game the way it was designed to be played.

  • Hi Mystic Raynes,

    Thank you for your post and comments,

    Firstly, my points are indeed over 600k. However, those of Honey Badger and Cheery Littlebottom are NOT. As you know or, with respect, ought to know, the game allows for players of my size to attack you. There is , however, a 'peace' server which has more restrictions on attacks than your current server - this might better suit your style of play.

    Secondly, in our tribe chat we tend to share information about when and who we are spying and attacking. We also share battle reports. It is NOT correct that the three players quoted all spy and / or attack at the same time. If this has happened, it has happened rarely and is purely coincidental. It is possible that you are spied and / or attacked more than once a day and by more than one member of a particular tribe. The game allows for this and thus no rules are being broken. I find it hard to understand how a few spy missions / attacks every 12 hours makes it 'nearly impossible' for you to play the game. It is accepted that the spy missions and attacks may interrupt recruitment etc, but this is in my view an acceptable game strategy and something that every player has to deal with. It is good that you know how to 'walk' your troops and resources and demonstrates that you ARE in fact able to play the game despite your allegations to the contrary.

    Thirdly, the players to which you refer are simply playing the game and playing it the way they believe it is intended to be played. No malice is involved and many other players apart from yourself will receive such spy missions and attacks. The number of troops sent to spy and / or attack is always relative to either the number needed to obtain a spy report, a defeat, or on occasions to fake an attack to determine whether or not you are online.

    You can, of course, send copies of all notifications, reports and screenshots to back up your allegations to support@lionmoon.com. Indeed, I would with respect suggest that is the place to report suspected rule breaking rather than on this forum.

    Finally, I am sorry that you are having difficulties with the game. It might well be that it is simply not the game for you. I do hope that you persevere with it, however, and wish you all the best for your future game play.

    Kind regards,

    Captain B ;)

  • Hi again Mystic Raynes,

    I appreciate your acceptance that I am acting within the rules of the games - that is certainly progress.

    As I said in my previous post, I sincerely hope that you continue to play the game and that you enjoy doing so. Consequently, I am pleased to hear that this your aim.

    I am sorry to hear that you feel harassed when I attack. As you know, attacking is a big part of the game and I have no intention of changing the way I play. Hopefully, on further consideration of the points made in my previous post, you will at some stage see the 'bigger picture' and feel less victimised.

    Kind regards,

    Captain B

  • Respect!

    I would certainly not have had that much patience!