Where are all the Barbarians?

  • Each new server seems to have fewer and fewer barbarians around and we are finding it necessary to go up to 20 or 30 minutes just to do a barbarian raid.Thats a long time for very little reward if you are still just hunting lower levels ---come on all we want is a fair go! <X;(:(

  • It's worthwhile to move your cities far away from anyone else when you get the chance, so there is less competition for the barbs. I haven't joined a new server for a long time but I wonder: if what Tzuizu says is true, is the low number of barbs a trade-off for other things, such as increased production?

  • I can't promise anything at the moment but I wanted to chime in to add that we are looking at making changes in the distribution and regeneration of barbs; we are aware that it does get exponentially harder to find good ones for advanced players as time goes by and it's not quite ideal currently.