Modifying limit on number of attacks

  • When you attack a (lower level?) player (maybe several times) the game bans you and your allies from attacking that player again for 12(?) hours. The problem with this is (as I believe it it implemented) is that that player may attack your tribes different players as many times as he wishes. So, your tribe attacks him 'several times' and he attacks your tribe maybe 20 times in that 12 hours period.

    I would suggest that the limit be changed to a 'you (your tribe members) may attack a player once (maybe several times) PLUS the number of attacks made by that player on your tribe in a 12 hour period". I would think a rolling 12 hour window would be better but it could be implemented differently to lessen server load.

  • As I remember it, the message is something like "You or a tribe member ..." so that there is an inconsistency between that and the post/FAQ you refer to.

    That message is unfortunately not well worded, when it mentions tribe members it refers to tribe members that have troops in your ranks via Tambo only. The message should really read "You or somebody whose troops you have selected for this mission (via Tambo) have already attacked...". It does not mean that any other player in your tribe may not attack.

  • i do think that attackers should not be loud to attack low level players. it need to be on a ramp. when you are 100K size it means a lot and if you give then the chance they will be bullies.