Soldier Statistics

  • The 'weakness' stat determines the order in which your opponent targets your units in combat. Units with a higher weakness attribute will always be taken down first in battle. For example, if you were to send exactly one spy and one lancer together to battle, the spy will always get attacked first before the lancer is injured. You can probably see from this how units with a high 'weakness' value can be used as a front line to "pad" stronger units. The complete guide to the battle system guide can be found here.

    It's also a fixed stat, it cannot be upgraded with buildings or research at the moment.

  • ahora bien explicado: la debelidad es como el orden en que el iran tus tropas perdiendo vida hasta morir y a las que atacaran primero por ejemplo: lancero 60% y el gato un 15% pues moriran primero los lanceros y tu en caso de ser el atacante restaras primero vida a los lanceros y asi hasta llegar a la tropa con menos debilidad. Ahora hay tropas que son las de apoyo es decir que no atacan aun que contribuyen sumando ataque y vida al total que son los poloms,pothecas,poblador,espia,chaman,quipu. En caso de que tuvieras amazonas atacarian en primera ronda de ataque primero las amazonas a las tropas de apoyo pero si no las tienes primero debes matar todas las tropas de ataque por asi decirlo y por ultimo irian las de apoyo.

  • Jugador makes an important remark in Spanish that I forgot to mention in my post: while weakness determines the order in which units are targeted in battle, not all units are equal in this. Quoting the battle system guide:


    Note that support units refer to any of the following: Spies, Shamans, Quipucamayocs, Poloms, Pochtecas, Settlers, Amazon Warriors; whereas combat units refer to any unit that is not a support unit.

    Combat units are always targeted first, in order of weakness, and supporting units second (save for the Amazon Warrior, that can target supporting units immediately). The example I gave earlier (one spy + one lancer) is incorrect, because in that particular case even though the spy is weaker, it is a supporting unit and spared until all combat units are defeated first. So in this example the lancer will, in fact, be targeted first.

    If you send several combat units, such as a lancer and a bowman, the explanation in my earlier post applies: the unit with the highest weakness stat (in this case the lancer) will always be taken down first. When you mix combat units with supporting units, the same rule applies except that all combat units are targeted first, according to weakness, before supporting units enter the fray. So, in a troop with lancer x1, bowman x1 and spy x1, the lancer falls first, followed by the bowman, followed by the spy; the spy is only taken down when the other two combat units are defeated.

    Amazon warriors are an exception to the rule, since they are able to target supporting units even with combat units standing. All this is detalied in the battle system guide.