Why are alt's being allowed in the game??

  • I've really had it with the obvious cheating going on. the "bunnys" had a player banned (gea) for having an alt in the game. Now that same player (confirmed by ip) has reappeared with the same tribe in the name of Honey. I've complained about it three times and devs won't do anything about it.

    Using TOR should be banned, but I've verified three different times it's the same ip on both accounts.

    Beginning to suspiciously look like the dev's are in on this.

  • No, multiaccounting is not allowed; if you believe someone plays more than one account on one game server, please report it to support (support@lionmoon.com), and the accounts will be checked. Please include all revelent details so that we can identify all reported accounts (player names, game server, game).

  • No, no se permite la multicuenta; Si crees que alguien juega con más de una cuenta en un servidor de juegos, infórmalo al soporte ([email] [email][email='support@lionmoon.com'][/email][/email] [/ email]) y se comprobarán las cuentas. Incluya todos los detalles reveladores para que podamos identificar todas las cuentas reportadas (nombres de jugadores, servidor de juegos, juegos).

    que mentira mas grande, si hay multicuentas de jugadores que han pagado por turquesas y no son baneadas en el sevidor intm23 hay unas cuantas la verdad y llevan meses activas.