• The Amount of points someone has, It would be nice to see where the points are from.

    For example:
    I have around 30.000 points.

    15.000 building points
    10.000 points for research
    5.000 points for army
    (I have no Idee at this moment how many points you get for what, so this is just a wild gues!)

    Something like that. Than you can see how strong someone is (what is a disadvantage, so I don't know if you would want that, but it tels no thing about his wall / units ect) but you can see if you are better in building / research ect.

    Some would like to go for the buildingpoints, some for the research and some for the generals (to be the strongest one). That way you could get a bit more copetition on those area's maybe.

  • I was going to make the same point!
    It would be good to know if one gets points in a P v P battle. I would think it does - well it should do. We need a more thorough explanation of the mechanics of how points get accumulated.

  • As far as I can tell, researching and upgrading structures seems to be the only way you can increase your In-Game Score.

    You can also spy on just about any city, which will tell you exactly their strengths in terms of both troops and wall strength and etc.

    You can bet that someone with 150,000+ score like Yar probably has Lv.40+ buildings or greater than that.

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali

  • I qualify in this category and my highest 'building' is the corn field at 31.
    Some of the building rates and research costs are huge, several millions...
    I chose development instead of troops, more structure instead of 'violence'.

  • Yes, we know that some games have such overview integrated, where you can view building/research/unit points, etc. We've decided against it, at least in the beginning, leaving this option for one of the future updates, in case there is a demand for this feature.

    As for the score: Furry and Mad-Dog are right, researches, buildings and units give points, they are calculated according to the following rule:

    - Each building level gives 10 points;
    - Each research level - 10 points;
    - Each unit (incl. damaged units) - 1 point;
    - Cities: each new city gives 100 points.

    Resources spent on buildings/research/units (population and time not counted in):

    - 1,000 limestone - 1 point;
    - 715 obsidian - 1 point;
    - 500 cacao - 1 point;
    - 2,500 corn - 1 point.

    It would be good to know if one gets points in a P v P battle. I would think it does - well it should do.

    Not yet, but it's a good point, we'll reserve it for one of the future updates.