Getting protection from attack

  • If a player gets attacked and then a form of automatic protection is invoked so he/she cannot be attacked for say 24 hours then that is a good thing.

    BUT if an attacker loses his/her troops as a result of choosing to attack another player he/she should not get protection at all. ELse what will happen is that a player will attack someone knowing that even if they lose they cannot be attacked for a given period of time and in that period of time they can rebuild or have troops donated to them by others.

  • Let me clarify how this protection works first. For battles where the defender has 75% of the score of the attacker or less, if the attacker fully eliminates the troops of the defender, the city of the defender where the attack takes place is protected against attacks of the same player for a period of 12 hours. That is to say, 1) the defender may still receive attacks by any other player or 2) they may get attacked by the same player to any other of their cities.

    So to answer your questions, attackers do not get protected by this system, and the defenders who do, cannot exploit it in the manner you describe, since they are still open to attacks by other players. Hope that helps :)