The Bacabs' Crystals

  • M0H0
    "If you plunder a barbarian village successfully, and as long as another player didn't find them before you, you'll see your bounty in your battle report in the following manner:"

    With players all over the world why would you award the Crystals for a barb attack to ONE time zone ?? Which means if you are not in that lucky time zone someone will get the Crystals before you.This is not fair for an event that you put on.

  • Keep in mind that currently, beaten (no units left) barbarians villages are cleared out and replaced every 4 hours or so, so instead of doing what everyone else does and spending your barb attacks the moment they are refreshed, simply waiting a few hours before start raiding will probably yield more crystals. We'll keep an eye on it nonetheless and if people are getting shafted we'll increase the frequency and rate at which barbs get refreshed.

  • M0H0 quote:

    • "Each barbarian village has crystals only once; that is to say, if you or another player takes them you won't find more crystals in the same village again."

    • So are you saying that your post was wrong?
  • No, what you are quoting is correct. But once every four hours, villages that have already been raided are removed from the map and new ones are placed at new random locations; hence new barbarian villages with their respective new crystal(s) appear periodically on the map.

    So what I'm saying is that you can simply wait for new barbarians to spawn before you spend your attacks, then raid those.