I guess a Questiion to the ADMINS / Moderators

  • I think we as players need to respect the game ADMINS and the Board moderators.

    To that end I wonder if it IS better that the ADMINS not use nicknames and use their real names.

    Using a nicname might make players wonder if the ADMINS are playing in the server and if so would that cause a conflict of interest?

    I am well awaere that Furry has said he is in TENOC so this is not directed at him and I assume he is not directly connected to the GAME Developers.

  • No, I am not directly connected with the Developers. I started playing this game about a month ago when it was advertised on my facebook news feed, and this is one of the very few games I've been able to start from the beginning, so I aspire to help the Developers and the Community at the same time. I enjoy helping people.

    With that said, I am in the tribe [Tenoc] - however - that does not mean I am biased or have a conflict of interest. I will not take sides given the obvious quarrels and the like, and I try to act more like a neutral moderator than that of a biased controller.

    I am not an Admin of these forums, but I certainly do love to be on these forums and interact with it's persons.

    My real name is; Brandon

    Edit: While I am not directly connected with the Developers I do talk to M0H0 often, however it's usually just about the game or points of interest within the community.

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali

  • As I said Furry this was not directed at you at all but I do think that the ADMINS need to be respected and if they used their real names it would be better and will also help them when it comes to dealing with serious issues.

    Of course as it says in the RULES we as players do need to be aware that any communication betwen an ADMIN and a player IS confidential. How an ADMIN deals with a player is really upto them.

  • Yes, I was aware it wasn't directed at me, but I felt it necessary to reply just for my own reasons. :P

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali