What is the point?

  • I really think enough is enough. We might not agree on the decision made by M0H0 when it comes to Nikneim but the decision has been made.

    We stay or we go.

    My view is that once a player is caught multi accounting he should be perma banned.

    In many other similar games I have played and that is very many of them - KOC, Travian, Evony, Forge of Empires, Battle Pirates, The O game, Astro Empires, Starfleet Commander - just about every universe in that game and at last count it was over 6 Unis in that game , Battle Dawn - multi accounters do get perma banned though if I remember right in one or two of those games they might get a lengthy suspension where the account is allowed to lie dormant while opponents are allowed to progress or else the multi accounter is allowed to re-start an account from scratch but is then watched like a hawk. I really can't remember now what the rules were in each of the above mentioned games.

    If as it seems Nikneim has been allowed to re-start his account then that IS a punishment.

    In the good Alliances I have been in on the games mentioned above IF a player in our Alliance was ever banned or suspended they would NEVER EVER have been allowed back into our Alliance.

    The fact that Nikneim was allowed back into RR is I feel what is also adding to the anger players are feeling and expressing. A good alliance Leader who wants to have his Alliance seen to have integrity should take a stand against cheating. But El Draque might say that if it was good enough for M0H0 to give Nikneim a 2nd chance he is only doing the same.

    The final issue that has NOT been addressed is the fact that NIkneim continues to try and defend the indefensible. He cheated got caught. If he is going to post on the boards all he should be saying is "I am sorry, I fubarred and it wont happen again".

    The fact that he keeps on commenting and trying to defend the indefensible and is allowed to do so is only inflaming the situation.

    For that ALONE he should be BANNED from the BOARDS. I was a board moderator in one of the above games and believe me his behaviour would NOT be tolerated.

    If Nikneim is allowed to post on this board then it should not be to inflame anything at all.

    IF he chooses to keep posting trying to defend himself then he MUST be perma banned from the boards.

    So I do ask Nikeim that if he reads this post to NOT comment any further and that IF he does then I ask M0H0 that he be perma banned from the boards.

    BUT the other players also should now stop flogging a dead horse and desist from posting about this particular matter.

    Also we need to agree that the best course of action in reporting cheating is to do so in private. If somoene gets banned as a result of a PM to a DEV from a player and this is brought to the attention of other players on the boards after the event then that is ok but if that is done the thread should be immediately locked by the DEVS. M0H0 I think has already commented about this.

    I have not read all the posts from overnight but if I am right in thinking that El Draque has not been inflaming the situation then that is helping. If he has been jesting in gloabl chat then that is not wise. The fact that he continues to post battle reports is his choice though I am no sure it is wise.

  • or else the multi accounter is allowed to re-start an account from scratch but is then watched like a hawk

    That is exactly what happened here. Nikneim_VD and his others accounts were banned permanently and he has not been allowed in, to said accounts, ever since they were banned. Nikneim_VD however chose to start from a scratch with a new account.

    If as it seems Nikneim has been allowed to re-start his account then that IS a punishment.

    And that would be incorrect, Nikneim was only allowed to a new account, not to his former account.

    Search for "nik" in-game and you will see this:

    Notice that there are two Nikneim_VD? one is the permanently banned account, and the second one is the account he started from scratch, as far as we can tell. Because he used a trick to make his name nearly equal to his previous account I can see why would think that he was allowed back to his former account, but this isn't the case.

  • I am not trying to PICK ON Nikneim or RR but since all the 'issues' have related to them I have on this thread tried to offer some ideas in the hope that this issue can be laid to rst once and for all by the DEVS.

    I a not suggesting that MY suggestions MUST heeded.

    But something needs to be done.

    It is a bit nit picky to say that Nikneim started a new account as opposed to being allowed to re-start his own one. The fact is he is the same person and he has started from scratch and that is ok by me if your ruling was to give him a second chance.