New Server - Can we do this?

  • There might be players who want to give up on the MAYAPAN Server and start again on the new server.

    If they choose to do this can they transfer the Turquoise they have acquired in MAYAPAN to the new server?

    I hope that is the case the Turquoise is player specific after all.

  • To my opionion a new server is quite strange..... This is isn't that active... With a new server more players will stop and try again on the new server. So even less active players on this one. They only real improvement is the battle simulator..... A lot of people quit, a lot of suggestions to improve the game! No big updates soon...... So it looks like a new surver for money, that you get players to buy turquise....... I don't see any other reason to open a new server. A pitty! @Tane, trust me the answer will be no!

    So Big dislike for the new server! (I coudn't dislike it on the post so I will dislike my post to tell no against the new server)

  • If they choose to do this can they transfer the Turquoise they have acquired in MAYAPAN to the new server?

    We can arrange this by request. Simply send me a private message and we'll take care of it.

    Is it even possible to play on both servers?

    Absolutely. The multi-account limitation applies only to each particular server, e.g. it's not okay to play with two accounts simultaneously in the same server, but one account on each server is fine.

  • @Mad-Dog A new server doesn't mean we are going to leave Mayapan behind or that we'll stop improving Tentlan or working on updates, both things are perfectly compatible and don't exclude each other on our eyes.

  • Mad Dog though I am no big fan of new servers being added arbitrarily in this case it is warrented I think. it will help players start at a more even playing field.

    In many other games I have played the players complain about server after server being started but then they play.

    They could easily start a speed server also.

    But I hope they don't do that yet.

    My hopes are that they roll out the TAMBO update next and as soon as possible and also at the same time stop movement of troops willy nilly between players. Hopefully this can happen before players get far in the new server to further help equalise the playng field.

  • Also will there be a toggle option in each server so one can jump from one server to the other if one is playing on both servers?

    I did notice an icon showing at one stage on the MAYAPAN server to the left of the icon that takes one to the board/forum but that indicated that one was on the MAYAPN server but that icon has since dissapeared. If that was a test to allow players to move from one server to the other I hope it is re-instated or made available once the new server comes online

  • To clarify, you will not be able to migrate accounts between servers. If you'll play in both with different accounts, there won't be an option to "jump" between servers yet (the server "badge" on the top left corner is for information purposes only, so you are aware where you are playing in case you play in multiple servers). But you can easily keep a different browser tab for each server without having to logout from the other, so that shouldn't be a problem.

  • Hi M0H0, could you please respond as soon as possible to my in-game message. Thank you :)

  • There aseems to be an issue in being logged onto both servers. well for me anyway. But after a couple of tries it seems to be ok for now.

    What happened was that when I logged onto MAYAPAN and then on a new TAB (I am using firefox by the way) I logged onto the new server I got logged out of MAYAPAN on the other TAB and weas logged onto the new one on that TAB also. But now it seems to have settled after logging in and out of each server a couple of times on each TAB

  • Hi M0H0, could you please respond as soon as possible to my in-game message. Thank you :)

    It's done, sorry for that delay.

    New tabs don't work. What you can do is open incognito version, the have a different cash. Or multiple browsers.

    New tabs definitely work, but you have to log in using the following link in order to stay logged in in the other server: