Tribe member rights.

  • I am leader of a tribe. and at present there is only 1 option that i can use to give rights to other players inside the tribe , thats Admin. it would be nice if there was different tiers of rights that we could give to our members. maybe different tiers which will give more or less options to players as they rank up inside the tribe :)

  • Yes, having more tiers of control through a Tribe is an excellent idea in my opinion.

    Clarification like;
    Tier 1: Founder
    Tier 2: Co-Founder
    Tier 3: Administrator
    Tier 4: Senior Member
    Tier 5: Member
    Tier 6: Recruit


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  • You are right that "rights-wise" you can only set whether someone is admin, which is a bit limited, but note that admins may edit member ranks to be anything they like (there's a textbox next to each member name when you edit members in the tribe), so it's still possible to make the distinction between for example members and senior members. These ranks show when members comment in the tribe wall, or in the members page. Does this help?

  • I noticed that we could name ranks. And it does help. :0 I was just thinking it would be nice to have tiered privileges that players could work towards inside the tribe :) each rank would give more privileges.