Enhanced City Icons

  • Hey guys, figured I'd drop an idea here that's really more of an aesthetic appeal.
    When in the 'World Map' icon, I noticed there is not much variation in the icons of users Cities, when they have high scores and upgrades within their cities.

    I was wonder if there are more graphics for cities?

    Like say, someone with 4-5,000 City Score will have a pretty detailed City icon on the World map, complete with a Wall and some other little additions, rather than everyone's cities looking the same.

    Just an idea & opinion, cheers!

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali

  • Right now, there is already another kind of look for villages from your tribe, so I guess it is indeed possible to make other icons, depending on the points a city has. Good idea!

    Maybe also a few different icons for the barbarians? Like a more advanced city for the level 5 Barbarians, and a more simple look for the lower levels?

  • Planned! It's true that there's a different graphic depending on whether the village belongs to you, to a member of your tribe, or to somebody else, as well as whether the village is inactive or not, but I agree that the worldmap could use more variety. Distinguishing barbarian levels graphically is something we'd like as well. I can't say when we'll be able to implement these since there are a few things in the pipeline still though.