Tentlan Status Update (August 2015)

  • Dear Ahaus,

    With this thread we'd like to share with you some information about what we are working on, what do we plan short/medium term, and what you can expect in the coming updates. Currently Tentlan is played daily by thousands of players across 4 territories and 11 servers, so a lot of the work that is happening behind the scenes goes into improving the technical infrastructure of Tentlan, in order to ensure Tentlan stays fast both to load and play. No one likes a game that is slow, lags, or goes down, so avoiding that is and will remain a priority for us :)

    Gameplay wise, Tentlan is not perfect yet, but overall we are happy with how it's been shaping and maturing so far, and with your help we hope to keep that up :) Short to medium term, these are the points we consider most important to work on based on all the feedback we have received so far:

    • Tambo and joint attacks/defense: Possibly the most requested feature so far. Currently you can "transfer" or "donate" troops to another player, but you can't for instance share temporarily your troops to defend an ally and recall them back after a battle. The Tambo building was meant to address this, but had to be delayed for technical reasons up until now.
    • Report sharing: Currently in order to share a battle or spy report with another player, with your tribe, or in the forums, one can only take a screenshot and share the link, which ranges from a mild annoyance to a pain in the ass, specially if the report is long and takes multiple screenshots to capture entirely. We'd like to address this by introducing two features: the possibility to grab and share a direct link to any battle and spy report, and also a built in "compactor" to get the so called "bbcode", ready to be copy-pasted into most forums.
    • Espionage system: Some players have expressed doubts about how spying currently works, which at times can be a bit confusing, so in order to ensure clarity and ease of planning, we decided to revamp how it works.
    • Watchtower: Similarly to spying, it's not always very evident how the Watchtower works in its role to see approaching troops, thus in order to make it clear, we would like to revamp it as well.
    • Misc. chat improvements: Some players reports issues while trying to use the public chat, and even though we didn't pinpoint a specific bug causing these problems, we think we can make serveral technical improvements to hopefully palliate them in the future. Additionally, you asked us for private chatting (whispers) and an option to ignore specific players in chat, both of which we'd also like to implement.
    • Misc. tribe improvements: Ocasionally, large tribes have latency issues that cause the window to take longer than usual to load, specially with a particularly lively wall; we intend to address that. You also asked us for separate sticky or official announcement posts, so that admins/founders may communicate important information to all members, as well as a more granular tribe member rights system, and eventually a real time tribe chat separate from the wall.

    These are our plans for the time being, we can't dive into details yet, but we hope to materialize them rather soon. If everything goes well, it is likely that we'll drop the "Beta" tag at the end of this stage, which would mean we'd focus on new content and features from that point on. There will be no account or server reset when this happens.

    We hope you liked this glimpse into what we plan to work on. We think it's important to be transparent and communicate with you guys about what we do, because at the end of the day there would be no Tentlan without you :) Hopefully this thread is only the first of many to come, so stay tuned!

    Oh, and this thread is open for all to comment, so by all means let us know what you think. Whether you agree or disagree with the direction Tentlan is taking we'd be happy to hear you, we are always open for discussion :)

    Your Tentlan Team

  • :) Hi, so I am a very active player, I play every day and I very much enjoy the game and how it is progressing. However the biggest problem others and myself have experienced and complained about is that there is no way to safeguard your troops while you are offline. I have played other wargames and there usually is a place you can store a certain amount of resources and/or troops so that if you are attacked while you are away, you will not suffer as much if at all depending on your defenses. I think that it is a fairly practical addition considering we all have to go to work some time haha. Plus there are plenty of other buildings that store your resources and allies troops, but not your own which is odd. Please take this into consideration as I think it will make the game a lot more fair and enjoyable for all players who won't have to start all over again trying to rebuild their army every time they're attacked. Thank you for your time :)

  • Sounds good to me. Thank you dev team for working on these things and working out he bugs and tweaks. This is the first time I have gotten into a game that is so new, never done a Beta game before, so I look forward to seeing what changes take place.

  • i also believe we should have a haven for the shelter of our troops when a player is afk ... lots of other games have it. This game would be spoiled without one.
    So far i really enjoy playing, i would hate to become so disillusioned by losing all troops to an afk attack it could prompt me to quit the game after losing everything. I am sure i'm not alone in this, so a point well worth considering.
    Thank you for your time.

  • All good n dandy but ...1- using food to move troops is normal the cost is to high ....use 400 food and u get resources back but no food this makes ur troop movment dependent on food . you can only have one food farm corn 10 min production is low 400 in ten min 1hr one who want to sit n waait for an hr -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------boreing limit on barb village is 5 hits wow get done with that what left to do nothing but sit n wait .....graphics are cartoony , concept is good one .. need more content thing for us to do ... more ways to get food (corn ) grain . I know you can upgrade corn farms n such ... n yes it changes the production but everything you do is based on corn research extraaaaaaaaaaa ... game needs revamp ... I have played better games then this I give this game a few more month be for I move on ...... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Thank you all for your feedback so far, we are paying close attention to it :)

    Are we going to have an US server anytime in the future?

    Not for the time being but we will consider it in the future if there is enough demand.


    how many cities can you build????

    There is currently no limit as long as you can afford the respective Quetzal Palace upgrades needed to settle new villages.

    Please keep this thread focused on feedback only in the future, you may ask questions any time using the Help & Questions subforum instead, thanks :)

  • Tambo and joint attacks/defense: Possibly the most requested feature so far. Currently you can "transfer" or "donate" troops to another player, but you can't for instance share temporarily your troops to defend an ally and recall them back after a battle. The Tambo building was meant to address this, but had to be delayed for technical reasons up until now.

    The sooner the above is implemented the better as many in our Tribe are complaining often and loudly about the fact that we cannot attack a player as a group without 'donating' troops to another player. V few like this idea about 'donating' troops as they feel by doing this they lose control of their troops.

    I have mentioned this elsewhere but the DEVS just do NOT see how the 'donate' feature can be so easily abused.


    In these games there is the possibility that some player from another Tribe will infiltrate your tribe. This 'spy' gains the trust of the tribe and says he/she will attack a player and asks others in the Tribe to send him/her the troops. So they do this. Then that player leaves that Tribe. What can the members who donates their troops do?? Nothing. They have lost their troops. Simply ridiculous.


    We all give a player troops so he can attack another player. That player falls asleep gets attacked and loses all the troops. What can the player who donated troops do then? Nothing!

    By the way with respect to Scenario 2 even in a group defend situation this can happen so it is a buyer beware situation.

    But SCENARIO 1 is not at all fair on players.

  • We are fully aware of the shortcomings of "transfering" troops to organize joint attacks/defense, we are not blind. In the other thread I was only alluding that we don't consider it unfair if a set of players do decide to use this feature to setup joint attacks, because it's something that presents the same risks you describe to everyone. But that doesn't mean we think it's adequate for this purpose. Tambo is definitively coming, we never said it was cancelled.

  • I have to respectfully disagree about letting players transfer troops once the TAMBO is implemented. I never said you were NOT going to update the TAMBO but priority-wise that would be the most requested or talked about thing in the Tribes I am in. NO ONE weants to transfer troops to one another in the Tribes I am in. Also many are unable to defend against a v strong player who is making a habit of attacking other players and the others have no recourse to hit back as they others are not wiolling to 'donate' troops for defending this player as they are concerned that the attacker will be more powerful than all of the defenders combined. They dont see the attack so they dont know what troops are being sent in the attack. So they are dependant on the defender telling them what the forces are attacking them.

    It will be interesting to see how you will solve this problem once the TAMBO is fully featured. One would think in a group defence situation all defenders will have to see the attack coming so they have the option of withdrawing their troops if they feel that they will lose the attack.

    Another question is if once the TAMBO is fully featured will the attacker be attacking the TAMBO? And if so if one raises the level of the TAMBo does it become stronger or is it that for each rise in level of TAMBO more defenders or more troops can be housed in the TAMBO.

    it might well be that the DEVS have not worked this out as yet and if so I fully understand as getting the TAMBO fully working might be no easy task.

  • There are a few posts on the forum not answered by the DEVS.
    Also some players are reporting that now they seem to be able to upgrade the TAMBO but no posts from the DEVS to indicate that the TAMBO is usable.

  • Currently Tambo can be upgraded to a maximum of level 1, for the purposes of completing the whole city, but it does not have a function yet (mind you, this has always been the case, there is no change). We are at hard work at the moment to change this, I cannot unfortunately share an ETA yet but you'll be hearing from us.