A Third Server already?

  • Personally I think the game is too young to have a third server.

    This game is still in its infancy and not fully featured - for example the TAMBO is still not featured.

    It would have been better if some major updates had been done and then a third server introduced.

    Having a 3rd server now will only dilute the two existing servers.

    It would be good to know a time frame for any of what has been posted by M0H0 in his post Tentlan updates and if any of those changes were imminent then starting a thrid server is a bit understandeble.

    Personally, I would have hope that Tribe numbers are limited on the thrid server and that the TAMOB is featured and players are NOT allowed to 'donate' troops to another player and then have them sent back.

  • Relax TaneMahuta, a new server doesn't mean we are leaving anyone behind, nor does it affect in any way to our updates schedule, we are simply making room for more players. We can't share a timeline estimate yet as for what we are working on at the moment because there is a lot of factors and moving parts, but rest assured we are on it. What I can share is that we will aim for frequent smaller patches rather than one huge patch that takes months, so you can count on that.

  • Thanks for getting back to me. My comments re the 3rd Server is a reflection on what the players in the Tribe I am in on MAYAPAN and UXMAL have said. Some of us will play on the 3rd server but having played many similar games the players often balk at new servers/worlds. Both MAYAPAN and UXMAL are young and UXMAL has not had the 'fun' that MAYAPAN had while the RR Tribe was there.

    So a THird Server seems premature in the opinion of a fair few players.

  • I agree with TaneMahuta : this 3rd server is a very bad idea, and most player I know on server 1 & 2, think the same way. The game developers make a promise on essential changes like to activate the tambo, but it's just a promise that will come too late for todays players getting discouraged about the speed of introduction on some changes and the game in general.

    For me the game has still some big issues to be solved quickly if you want players to play it longer than a few weeks :
    1) What is the target of this game ?
    I got this question when I arrived on server 2 from people playing it for 2 weeks. I explained what I know, but this was not good enough for them. Also playing server 1, I'm almost done with everything.
    My suggestion : you could introduce one or more mega barb towns that can only be taken by big attacks of multiple players. Owning the barb town could give these players / tribes some advantages like increased speed of resource/unit production or other things.
    2) Battle = all or nothing = big issue
    In battle, in most cases all troops are killed at 1 side due to dominance. That is because the attacker dont want losses and get easily away with this with current battle system. There were some improvements already to eliminate the 1 troop type advantage, to make clear the battle system rules, the sim, etc. But in the end, the dominance being the reason for players to stop playing when attacked by a bigger player killing all their troops without a single loss for the attacker, does more bad than good.
    My suggestion : 1) limit max troop size (this will motivate to make stronger troop type), 2) eliminate dominance so that there is always some loss (need to find a solution to make farming barb towns still interesting enoug), 3) make a logic of what troops will kill what troops first (that way each troop gets it's function), now it's just a flat hierachy, and troop type is only limited for long distance attacks due to corn needed, but with a big corn farm you can still kill a lot of players 4) porting a city is way too expensive 2000 turq (about 20 euro)
    3) Tribe size
    What is the purpose of an alliance with 250 members ? Basically all players could gather in 1 alliance, leaving no purpose of existance of that server.
    My suggestion : set a max tribe size. Looking at the limited active players per server, 50 would be more than enough.

    More suggestions to come, but this is a start ...

  • I am in total agreement with Bud and also all of what TerraG has said.
    What I say might carry not much weight given I got banned for a misdemeanor which was not small but I took the punishment and I hope what I say is taken in the spirit meant which is to try and make this game more playable for different playing styles.

    In addition to Terras suggestions I will also make the suggestinon - again - the ability for Tribes to engage in WARS with a Tribe being given a Win/Loss Ratio. When a tribe engages in a war there being a point limit to be reached in destroyed troops and once those points are reached that Tribe wins that war. This will lessen individual players getting attacked by a more dominant player just because he can do so and the more attacking layers will band together in Tribes to get the points. The above scenario could be further enhanced with players getting kill points that is a function of the ranking system. Tribe sizes must have a maximum limit for sure.

    I await with interest Terra's other suggestions.

  • We understand Tentlan isn't perfect yet, but bear with us, like I mentioned before having a new server won't postpone or otherwise affect negatively the development of Tentlan. Give us a bit more time and we promise not to disappoint as Tentlan matures.