Tribal chat ?

  • A separate chat for for Tribes would definitely be a very useful thing to have, that way Tribe Communications wouldn't have to be limited to personal messages, as to keep them out of Public chat.

    Though, granted this games early life right now, it's probably something that is on their list, I have no doubt.

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  • It's a suggestion that comes up often indeed. When we originally built the wall for the tribe, we envisioned a "hybrid" communication channel, something that would work both for low volume delayed communication and high volume real time messages (if you haven't noticed yet, messages in the wall show in real time as they come), but as it turns out tribe communication is a wide topic and a one-size-fits-all doesn't necessarily work that well :) So in some situations an "old fashioned" but carefully structured tribe forum makes more sense, in others a real time chat would make things easier. We are thinking about these things and we'll see how we'll integrate them in the future in Tentlan.