Attack from multiple cities.

  • Today, when attacking Barbarian, you can only send troops from a single city.

    It should be nice to be able to send troops from multiple cities (as it should be the case for cities from a single "tribe")
    They will then arrive based on the farthest city as the troops need to merge. A little malus need to be applied as troops from different cities have less common fighting habits (5% ?).

    What do you think about it ?

    Kind Regards,

  • I would recommend transfering troops from other cities to a single one before launching the attack in these cases, but we'll see if this is something that we could integrate with the future Tambo functionality. Happy to hear more opinions on this as always.

  • as the game stands at the moment... might is right.... i.e. because the tambo function is not yet enabled, tribal warefare is basically not happening. therefore the top players are virtually unassailable, as smaller players don't have the troops to attack or defend against a player with twice/thrice their score. this is resulting in players leaving the game in not unsubstantial numbers..... the answer is simple... get the tambo function up and running ASAP. which will give the tribes more focus in the game and smaller players the chance to join together and assert themselves.

  • Hi Wallsend, I don't know if you knew it, but you don't necessarily need the Tambo building to organize joint attacks or defense, since the game has the function of troops transfer. You can send or receive troops using this function, which is widely used on all game servers.
    The Tambo function is still to be activated in one of the coming updates, but in essence it is the same as what the game currently has; it would be just an additional option for sharing troops, perhaps more comfortable for some players.

  • i'm very loath to send my troops to another player as there is no guarentees that i get the troops back...... any troops sent become the property of the receiving player and human nature being what it is, what is to stop them then turning about face and attacking me knowing i have little or no troops to defend myself.... at least with the tambo they will always be my troops and i can pull them back whenever i wish.

  • So true, the troop transfer is much different from tambo where you can decide yourself to recall your troops. Note that Tambo feature exist in other games : the level of the tambo would decide the number of troop deliveries that can be stored simultaneous : eg Tambo lvl6 can store troops from 6 different deliveries (even 2 deliveries from 1 city of another player count as 2). It is basically not complicated.

    Note that Tambo will only have a defensive purpose : you would not be able to use the troops in Tambo to attack as they are not yours and has to be 100% of the time available for recall by the owner.

  • Actually Terra hopefully one will be able to use the TAMBO or a similar construct for attacking purposes.

    In similar games I have played what happens is that in a group attack situation one player starts the attack and invites others to join that attack. Of course previous to the attack each attacker would have to agree on what troops each player is sending and then the attack is simmed to make sure that it will be a success. Also each player will have to make sure they have adequate resources for the troops they are contributing. Then the attack commences and during the attack the players would spy on the player being attacked to make sure that that player has not managed to increase his/her defensive capabilities by setting up a group defend to ward off the attack. If so the players all call off the attack. If for some reason one of the attckers does NOT call off their attack then they lose their own troops.

    I am not sure if the DEVS have group attacks in mind when developing the TAMBO or if it will only be there for group defends.