FAQ - 2. Resources

    • Resources production

    - How do I produce resources in Tentlan? Are they automatically produced?
    There is no automatic resources production in Tentlan, i.e. you always need to place orders manually in each of the four resource buildings. There are 4 production cycles to choose from: 10 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours:

    To start resources production, select one of the production cycles and press the "Start" button. You'll see the progress of the production order directly afterwards:

    As soon as you have resources ready in some/all of your cities, a pyramid icon will show underneath your avatar image:

    This means that the resources are ready to be collected.

    - Why is there no automatic resources production in Tentlan?
    An advantage of the manual production is that the resources cannot be looted as long as you haven't collected them from their respective buildings. This is an additional security feature in Tentlan to keep resources safe.

    - How can I get more resources?
    To produce more resources, you should continue upgrading your resources buildings, as each expansion level increases the output. Also, you can get resources attacking the barbarians (the higher the level of a barbarian, the more resources it has). When you feel strong enough to attack a neighbor who may have some resources, you can try this way as well.

    - What is wrong with my resource buildings, why has the output decreased so very suddenly? or
    - I produced and collected resources, but they didn’t add up to my warehouse, or
    - This time I have collected less resources in comparison to what I used to produce, what’s wrong?

    Most likely, it’s because of corn: to produce resources at 100% of your capacity, you need to have corn in your city at the moment of placing production orders for resources. If you place such orders without corn, your output will be at 15% of your normal production, which would also be displayed in the respective resource building. For this reason, make sure you have corn in your cities before placing a new order.

    Also, when collecting resources (in case you do it manually, not with quetzal feathers), start collecting corn first, and then all other resources. Otherwise, one morning you get up, log in to your account and start collecting your resources, starting with limestone (as most people do, since it’s from left to right), while you wouldn’t notice that you might have run out of corn during the night. In this case, you’d collect limestone and place directly a new production order without corn, so you would get only 15% in 8 hours of your normal produce. The same would be true for obsidian, and only the cacao produce will be as usual, because when collecting resources from left to right, you’d place a new cacao order after collecting corn. So, collect corn first, then the rest

    • Sending resources

    - How can I send resources to other players?
    It's quite easy: go to the world map and click on the city of the player you want to send resources to (alternatively, type the coordinates into the coordinates menu in the low left-hand corner of the world map). It will bring up the following menu with various options:

    Select "Send resources", then the units to transport the resources, and press the "send troops" button.

    - What are the requirements for sending resources?
    A level 5 Market in the city of origin and of destination (the same rule applies to sending resources between cities of the same player).

    - What units are the best to carry resources?
    Polom (2,000 resources) and Pochteca (10,000 resources) are both a good choice. However, these are not the only units that can carry resources: all other units (except spies) have some cargo capacity, too; you can look it up for each unit in the Jaguar Temple.

    • Resources: Corn

    - What do I need Corn for?
    Corn is a very important resource for your city's development, as your people "eat" or consume Corn and in this way they are able to fulfill their tasks in the city. Besides, you'll need Corn for building troops, sending troops on a mission (espionage, attack, etc.), conducting researches, performing rituals, and erecting certain buildings.

    - Why is Corn being always consumed so quickly, is it normal?
    At the beginning of the game, it is quite normal that Corn is consumed quickly, because your Corn Farm is still not that advanced. As you develop your city, keep upgrading the Corn Farm, in order to increase your Corn output. Also, keep researching Agriculture, as each expansion level increases your Corn output by 1%.

    - Is that true that if I have no Corn left, I'll always get some Corn for free?
    Within your first week in Tentlan, you'll receive some Corn if you run out of your Corn reserves, but no longer after.

    - How does Corn affect units stamina?
    Note that corn affects stamina values of units. If you don't have any corn left in the city, in a while your units would start slowly losing their stamina: not all at once, but in small steps, so that some 10-14 days or so would pass in a city without corn till the units lose all their stamina. If unit stamina is 0, and someone attacks them, it would be an easy job to defeat them all (only the wall stamina will not get lost, so the attacker will have to defeat the wall first).

    Normally, this extreme case only happens when someone goes away for 2 weeks and doesn't activate the vacation mode. Otherwise, even if there is no corn in the city, some time must still pass till units really start losing stamina. But if the player comes back and collects corn from the farm, then all his/her staminaless units would regain their original stamina at once.

    - What happens if there is no Corn left in my city?

    • If there is no Corn in your city, you wouldn't be able to move your troops out of city, as you need Corn to pay for travel missions.
    • If your people are left without Corn, they'll start leaving the city (the minimum of 50 citizens will stay, though).
    • Also, your resources production will go down up to 15% of the usual output rate.
    • Your troops will start losing their stamina, though this won't happen immediately. When approximately 10-14 days have elapsed and there is still no Corn in the city, the troops end up losing their complete stamina. Under these circumstances, if anybody attacks you, they would win without losses as your troops wouldn't be able to fight back.

    • Resources: Amber

    - What do I need Amber stones for?
    You'll need Amber stones for the Tzolkin wheel, where you can win various prizes. Besides, you need these stones to upgrade the Quetzal Palace.

    - How can I obtain Amber in the game?
    You can find Amber stones attacking barbarian camps. Note that the level of a barbarian you attack is of no importance for finding Amber. What matters is the battle outcome: if you win, you'll receive an Amber stone that you'll find on the Tzolkin wheel. In this case, it will also be mentioned in the battle report, as pictured:

    Should the barbarian win and not you, or should it come to a draw, then try again :) . At least one Amber stone per day is guaranteed; if you are very lucky, then there is a chance to find more than one amber stone per day (though this does not happen very often). Also, you can acquire Amber stones in the Shop, see section "Resources". Additionally, there is a chance to win Amber through spinning the Tzolkin wheel. Or you can get rewarded with Amber for inviting friends to play Tentlan (see more about it in "Settings"<<"Invite your friends").

    - What are these stones that one needs to build the Quetzal palace, apart from other resources?
    These are amber stones, you'll receive them by attacking barbarian camps. Also, you can win them on the Tzolkin wheel or buy in the game shop.

    - I had several amber stones yesterday, but today I've logged in and they are gone! Where are my amber stones?
    If amber stones are gone, the most probable reason is that they have been used. Please check the following:

    a) Most probably you have built a new level of the Quetzal palace - each level of this palace requires a certain amount of amber stones.

    b) You might have used the Tzolkin wheel (note that each spin costs one amber; the cost per spin increases for each 4rth spin,but it is reset every 24 hours to one amber stone).

    c) Maybe you play on different game servers, and one of your accounts did have the amber stones, and the other one did not.

    d) A remotely probable option is that you may have given your account access data to another player, say, to collect your harvest, and now that other player is administering your account. If the options a - c do not apply, then you should immediately change your password, to prevent that other people access your account, and not share your access data with anyone.

    - I attacked some barbarian camps, but I did not get amber stones. Why?
    - Check your battle reports first to find out if you received amber stones or not (scroll down the reports to find this info). If you did find an amber stone attacking the barbarian camps, it would be displayed in the battle report.

    The following points are also important:
    - You only receive amber stones if you win a battle (undecided battles or lost battles do not count);
    - a cycle for attacks on barbarians starts every day at 2am CET: it may happen that someone attacks barbarians around that time and receives an amber stone for the new day, and does not receive anything during the day, since he/she already received one before.

    • Resources: Turquoise

    - What do I need Turquoise for?
    Turquoise is used to activate some in-game premium features that give certain advantages in the game, such as speedups for units recruitment, for conducting researches or upgrading buildings more rapidly, or producing more resources, etc.

    - How can I obtain Turquoise in the game?
    Turquoise is a valuable resource that can be purchased with real money through the payment system of Tentlan. Also, you can receive Turquoise for completing some quests, for email address confirmation, and for inviting friends to play Tentlan ("Settings"<<"Invite your friends"). Also, there is a chance of winning Turquoise through spinning the Tzolkin Wheel (50 Turquoise stones in the silver sector and 200 Turquoise stones in the golden sector).

    - My turquoise has disappeared, but I did not use it. Where are my turquoises???
    Turquoises cannot disappear, unless they have been spent on something. There is really no bug concerning disappearance of turquoise, at least none that has been discovered so far.
    Most probably, turquoises are spent on:
    - Adding an additional order to the queue (when doing so, a window pops up with the message "add this order to the queue for 10 TRQ - yes/no);
    - reducing time of an order by clicking on "-50%" in the upper right hand corner of the each order;
    - or they are just spent it on something else.