FAQ - 11. Account

  • - Where do I log in to my game account?
    Once you're registered in Tentlan, you can log in again by filling out the login form at the top of the start page:

    Note that it is through filling out this form where you log in, not by filling out the registration form on the left part of the Tentlan start page. The registration form is meant for registering new accounts only.

    - I forgot my password and cannot log in to my account, what can I do?
    If you forgot your password, you can use the recovery link and reset your password. You'll find this link in the login form, as pictured:

    Or type directly the URL for password recovery: http://en.tentlan.com/?lostpassword
    By clicking on the link, you'll be asked to select the server (world) you play on, as well as the email address you are registered with in the game. Then you'll receive an email with further instructions about how to change the password.

    - I requested a password recovery link, but didn't receive any. Why is that and what should I do?
    If you don't get any mail with a password reset link in your mail box, check the spam folder. If the mail is not there, then the most probable reason is that your email address has not been confirmed and the game "doesn't know" that your email address is valid. In this case, just send a mail to support@lionmoon.com, including your player name and the server (world) you play on, and your email address will be confirmed by the support team. Note that this message must be sent from the email address that you are registered with in the game, because the support team needs to know that the email address really exists and the game account in question is really yours.

    - I already have an account, but when trying to log in, I always start a new account. What is wrong with my account?
    There is nothing wrong with your account. You start a new account because you effectively register a new account by filling out the registration form on the left part of the Tentlan start page. To avoid this, use the login form at the top of the Tentlan start page.

    - I have lost all the progress I did in my account!!! I used to have 3 cities and 100,000 points, and now I’m asked to start anew!!!!!!
    You haven't lost anything, you just registered a new account, that’s all. Possible reasons are:
    a) You didn’t notice that you were on the wrong server, and registered a new account on another server. Solution: go to the right server and enter your access data.
    b) You might have registered a new account on the same server. Solution: use your access data to log in through the login form in the upper part of the game start page, not by filling in the registration form on the left of the Tentlan start page.
    The registration form is meant for new sign ups only; you can log in through filling in this form, but if you do any slight mistake in your access data, a new account will automatically be created. To prevent this, it’s better to always log in via the login form in the upper part of the Tentlan start page.

    - I play on different servers (e.g. on Calakmul and Tikal), but I am always redirected to Tikal, and I cannot access the other server!!!
    The default server is always the last game server (game world) that was launched; normally, players will always be sent to the default game server or to the game server for which they have their account data stored in their browser.
    Apart from clearing the browser cache or using another browser, Non-Redirect links can be used, for example: en4.tentlan.com/?noredirect

    - When trying to log in, I keep getting the message "there is already a user with this player name". Why?
    This happens because you already have a registered account, but you are trying to log in to the game using the registration form, which is meant for registering new accounts. Though you can log in to your game account by filling out this form again (not recommended!), but if you make a mistake in typing your data (such as typing a different email, password or selecting a wrong server), you'll be registering a new account. When you type your player name correctly, but get other data wrong, you get the message that a user with such player name already exists. It's you.

    To avoid such confusion, use the login form at the top of the Tentlan start page, not the registration form on the left part of the start page.

    - I'm asked in the game to confirm my email address. Why do I need to do this?
    Account confirmation (or email address confirmation) is important for your own security, in case you forget your account credentials and need help for recovering your game account. If your account isn't confirmed, you will not receive any emails, which may present a problem when you need to make changes to your account or request a password reset link.

    Also, you'll receive 20 turquoise stones for the email address confirmation.
    To confirm your email address and thus secure your account, click on "Settings", and then in the section "Account" on the "Confirm your email address" link.

    - My confirmation link does not work. What should I do to make it work?
    Your confirmation link does not work because it may already have expired, since for security reasons it is only valid for a limited period of time. You can request a new confirmation link by clicking on "Request a new confirmation link" in Settings<<Account<<New link. If you still cannot confirm your email address, send us a message to support@lionmoon.com, and we'll confirm it manually.

    - How do I change email address and/or password to my account?
    If you want to change your email address that you are registered with in the game, or your password, click on "Settings" and scroll down to the section "Account". You'll find both options in this section.

    - How can I delete my account?
    If you no longer wish to play, you can just stop logging in to the game, in which case after some time your account will turn inactive and will be deleted afterwards. Alternatively, you can activate the vacation mode for your account. If you want us to irrevocably delete you account, you can send your request to support@lionmoon.com, and 7 days after your account will be deleted.

    - My account has been hacked!!!!
    Since we don't store players' passwords, no account can be hacked, unless you have voluntarily shared your password with another player(s). Don’t do it!!! If you notice that something strange has lately been going on with your account, you should immediately change your password in the settings, and under no circumstances share your access data with other players.

    - How can I activate the vacation mode for my account?
    Click on "Settings", and in the section "Account" you'll find the option "Vacation mode". Press the "Activate" button to receive further instructions and to activate the vacation mode. Note that you can only activate this mode if there are no ongoing processes, i.e. no incoming or outgoing troops movements, no active researches, rituals, no buildings being upgraded or resources produced. Also, after you activate the vacation mode, you won't be able to access your account for at least 48 hours.

    - For how long can I activate the vacation mode?

    For 15 days. If you need more time, you'll have to log in to your account and extend it, by activating the vacation mode once again.

    - Is it allowed to share internet connection / use the same PC for more than one player?
    IP sharing/playing from the same computer by more than 1 person is allowed, but the game rules as stated in § 1 must be observed.
    According to the game rules, as long as each player only plays his/her own account, and as long as one account is not used for the benefit of the other account(s), sharing the internet connection is permitted.

    - Can I have more than one account in the game?
    If the accounts are on different game servers (game worlds), then it is allowed. Otherwise, one account per player per server (game world) only.