• just a thought.... when attacking a city, be it barb or player, if you are successful then any wounded survivors should be taken as prisoners and healed in their itzamna temple then added to the victors armies. for instance... attacking a lvl3 barb i successfully overcame the enemy killing all bar 9 units... my idea would be that if my city had a itzamna temple (maybe needing to be over a certain level) then these troops could be escorted back and healed..... the type of troops could be decided by the luck levels and cities recruitment level.

  • Taking prisoners seems an interesting idea, though it may result tough for the other party if, on the top of losing all troops, their damaged units would end up in the Itzamna Temple of the winner. Any further suggestions on the "taking prisoners concept" would be appreciated :)

    By the way, there is a unit in the game, called "Amazon Warrior", that works according to the similar principle: if Amazon warriors defend a city and lose the battle, they change sides and join the victor's army.

  • I think this is an interesting idea too. However, I'd suggest maybe the winning party could acquire a proportion of the troops that they kill (similar to the proportion of resources that they pillage). However, I'm not sure whether this would be difficult to implement into the game. Perhaps it could be tried in relation to barb camps only at first?

  • Interesting idea, but as Gaviatta suggested it will increase the gap between the stronger and weaker gamers, accelerating weaker to quit and servers to die even faster in my opinion. Mayapan server is like 4 months old and pretty much dead, Uxmal is 2 months old and dying ... is this a normal period for an online game ? (I played evony for years and it was not dieing!!)

    This game needs suggestions that keep gamers playing and server alive. A real goal in the game like conquering a capital barb city would be a nice start.

  • Well, I think that you can add some correction factor to keep it fair... by example, if your attacking a too weak opponent there is no survivor or the difference of "technology" make their troops unusable.

    Also there is no always survivor sufficiently in good shape to be kept as prisoners (luck factor)...

  • take away the player v player aspect (at least until the tampa is up and running) and only allow the taking of prisoners from barbarian towns. this could be regulated by the number of barb survivors after the initial attacks & the luck level of the attacking player. so for instance... i attack a level 3 barb with no casualties to my raiding party but 4 survivors in the barb army... the 4 survivors could be from any section of the barb army and probably should consist mainly of non-combatants...spies, poloms, shamen, quipucamayoc & pochtecas. the higher the luck factor the better the survivor. so my attack gives me 4 survivors consisting of one or more of the latter, lets say i received 3 spies and 1 polom (never did have much luck) .... not in the face of things a game changing addition to my army but over the weeks/months would add up to a sizeable force.