Tribe listings

  • Do you mean their real/personal information? If so, I would assume they would have that implemented on a profile.

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  • I mean indeed personal info only things which everyone is open to share.
    A lot of the players are now posting, hey I'm from Australia, I'm from US etc... in the message box, but with all those messages it get's to overloaded.
    I use it also because we play quiz in our tribe which does not work properly via facebook

  • It's a little hard to understand where you're coming from, but M0H0 would definitely have to answer here, I'm incapable of providing one.

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali

  • You could use the "description" area in settings to share with other players details about yourself, although in that case this info would be available to everyone. If I understand correctly, you are looking for a way to have non-public "profile info" shared between tribe members only. If so, this is currently not possible (other than by communicating that directly via messages), but it's something that could make sense as a future addition, so I'll go ahead and move the thread to "Suggestions & Ideas".

  • Indeed Moho, It would be interesting to be able to create a kind of excel sheet with some info inside the tribe, this would help e.g. to look for people living in your area, they are more active during the hours you are, to put in all coordinates to find out who is in your neighborhood for support, sending resources, joint attacks etc...