english only server combines

  • was a little disappointed when yaxha server merged, all the other servers were international, i don't speak other languages and it is extremely difficult to stop and run to google to translate something every time someone talks. I finally gave up and quit the server i know others have too in frustration. how about considering an all english merger next time, would really help keep players in game.

  • Isn't the point more about choice rather than the language involved?
    Some people like International servers and others prefer to avoid the added complications. The issue is that if you choose to join a language specific world then you are entitled to feel irritated if a server merge changes that.

  • I agree, Stormqueen. If I choose to play an English speaking server then I expect to stay on an English speaking server. I do not want the game to determine whether or not I get thrown on a server with a language or languages I do not speak. If I wanted to be on an international server, I would have chosen to join one in the first place. I don't blame you for quitting the international server, dusty. Nobody has time to google translate all day when they are trying to play the game.

  • We understand the complaint, it's not without merit. When servers merge it's always hard for us to please everyone; if we stick to same language servers there are always going to be imbalances as different servers start in different points of time, whereas merging servers of different nationalities allows for players that started playing roughly at about the same time to get together, but then not everyone wants to play in an international setting.

    I can't say that we have a solution for this at the moment, but we will be looking at how the last round of merges develop and at very least we hope we can learn from that.