Double Attack BUG???

  • I dont understand this situation. On Labna server (intm3) iv4o sent one attack to my city. A prepare army and wait. But his attack was doubled. One attack I won…081E6E8C3B115DF969EC7EE45 . But then it generated second attack, iv4o had full army again and because my army was weak, so I was defeated…D81754274FAE76D8E618855DF

    I repeat: Only one attack from iv4o was in Activity window! Why it generated two reports? And what about iv4o? He got some jaguars and atlants back although whole his army should be dead? Or it is special rules for bulgarian players that must win each time?

    It is interesting that every browser shows other sequence. Opera and Chrome shows first defeat and then victory, but firefox shows first victory and then defeat.

    Can somebody explain this situation for me?

  • How much time it will take? Because after this bug, bulgarians from tangra tribe knew that I have no army and attacked my cities many times, destroyed about 5 wall level in every city, stole many sources from my cities, and because I cannot defend, so I decided do not play until this problem is solved. It is 5 days from it and no information about solution. I paid ahaw amulet for 7 days and because I didnt play after this bug, I lost money which I invested into this amulet.

  • unreal?

    I think that unreal is the situation where after 10 days I didnt receive any informations, any explanations or everything else!

    It is very interesting that many enemies of bulgarians were banned for multiaccounting and pushing, but I dont believe that bulgarian players could gain their big army's without pushing and they wasnt banned. Now bulgarian player used probably bug, probably same cheat in the game and support remain silent.

    I think that is some connection between bulgarian players and support because I havent other explanation of this situation. So I think that this game is very unfair.

  • We were unable to find the culprit for this issue or if there is indeed a bug at all, but should this incident reoccur please do not hesitate to report it to providing as much information as possible and we will review it.

    hahaha, 7 weeks and then information, that you are unable to find anything... Very funny... This is very stupid game. Now it is clear, bulgarian players must win in every case. Ban, double attack bug and no justice for players,...

    Only one notice, more than one week ago the same bug happen in another server, I was an attacker, but army was very very smaller...

    So if you are unable to find bug in your game, SO I REQUEST YOU RETURN MY MONEY WHICH I INVESTED IN THIS STUPID GAME!!!!!

  • The most funny thing on this is that is very easy to find out if it si bug or not!!!

    1) When you see on the report, you can see, that all of troops from IVO is their own, no troops from tambo.
    2) if both attack would be ok, than ivo had to lose about 18000 jaguars in first attack and about 14000 jaguar in second attack
    3) one jaguar is 399 point in leaderboard
    4) if both attack would be ok, than ivo had to lose about 399*32000=12768000 points in the leaderboards
    5) I am sure, he lose only about 399*14000=5586000 points in the leaderboards (and it is very easy to find out this information, because support must have some logs with leaderboard points, it is enough one look into log file)
    6) so its clear, that first attack was fake, because ivo didnt lose any points in it!!!
    7) so its clear, that are two possibilities:
    7a) first, that staff of tentlan is complete incapable, that they arent unable to find out so simply thing!!!
    7b) second, bulgarian players have connections to the support and support dont want to solve problems with bulgarian