2 key improvements

  • IMHO there are 2 key changes that would make this game better. I know they have been suggested before, but just want to keep them out there for consideration.

    1. Change the barbarian icons to show the barbarian level. Too much time is wasted looking for a suitable one to loot.

    2. Free one-click resource collection. It takes way too long to do this when you have a few cities, so I am not willing to add to the burden by making more cities. An alternative would be to make feathers more affordable, maybe 1-2 turquoise each time.

  • I agree with you on everything other than the cost it shouldn't cost turquoise, it should be free, what I think is an icon appears above the farm when its ready to be collected and when clicking that it collects. Something like that, with the option to run the same job again so 10 minutes or an hour whatever

  • I'm using this old thread instead of making a new one and to resurrect the idea of game improvements.

    Are there any events or tournaments of any kind? I think that would be a nice addition.