• I use the sim a lot but get so tired of having to enter and reenter the numbers all the time so would like to suggest:
    1: That clicking the box brings up the number of that unit you have available in the current city and the you can raise or lower that total as required
    2. That there be an option to SAVE a sim result that you like or want to work on later

    As a tribal leader I try to encourage my people to use the sim but many tire of it early in its current structure

    Tzuzizu ||

  • Another thing that creates a problem on the simulator is the lag before it refreshes to the new total once you have made changes. I quite often find that I have to refresh the game between each use of the sim --very time consuming. The slow refresh rate is also a problem when trying to walk your troops --if you have to cancel a work order for something you have to cancel right out of troops and then start again from scratch --very time consuming if you are trying to hurry because attackers are approaching. The lack of finesse in these mechanisms detracts from the game.

  • What system (browser, OS version, device) are you using? There should not be any lag, on a typical desktop browser what you are describing is usually instantaneous to most players.

  • MOHO I use Chrome and have a windows 10 PC --other members of the tribe have various setups but many complain of lag with the tables used in Simulator and for moving goods and troops which is a real problem if you are trying to evade an attack and you have to close the pop up before you can change numbers..We are from all over the globe so there is no geographical commonality.

  • from the first day I played I thought that the simulator is used in the way you pose it, friend. then I saw that it takes a long time to score the corresponding number of troops. that actulization would be good!