Amazon warriors

  • Hello,

    This morning i attack with 10 amazon warrior a barbarian camp (lvl 2). In this city, there is only a city wall level 1 and my army couldn't even destroy it.
    Suprised by this draw, i did some simulations and found really weird results. An example here:

    Is this is a bug or i missunderstand something ?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Amazon warriors have a special role in battle, they specialize in taking down supporting units only (like Shamans or Poloms). That means they are vulnerable on their own, as they don't do damage to offensive units like Lancers, but inside a good offensive troop they give an important advantage, since amazon warriors are the only unit that can do damage to supporting units right from the first round (in absence of amazon warriors, supporting units are always attacked last, when no other units on the other side are left).

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the reply ! I'm sorry of asking a question that has an answer in the description x)
    In fact, in descriptions there is background informations and factual ones so it's not always easy to find the difference.
    Maybe a graphical split (or bold some stuff in text) can be help a bit ?

    Thanks again for this fast and complete answer (and the link for battle info) :)

  • so does it means if the target doesnt have shaman or poloms in that case, amazon are useless?

    I guess you mean Shaman and Quipucamayoc, in which case you are correct.

    Other ppl may disagree but I find them completely useless. I have never had any real benefit of the 350 Amazons I have sitting around (and I only have those because I have taken them from others. I never recruited one myself. Nahuals are much more useful).

  • They also work for ALL support units, that are not warriors, that is, polom, pochteca, other amazons, nahuales, spies;

    In a battle with a large number of shamans and quipus, they are useful in destroying them first, making them not offer the bonus of resistance and attack, otherwise they are effectively useless, just for the pleasure of having them!