• За какво е този форум след като почти никой не отговаря на въпросите?!

    What is this forum for after almost no one answers the questions ?!

  • For account specific questions, please contact the support (via sending a message to support@lionmoon.com) stating the problem, game server and account name; on the forum, we can only answer general questions, not the account specific ones, since for such inquiries the information on account name/email /game server is requiered.

  • The questions were the most ordinary. Now I will ask the same again.
    There are buildings and studies that have exploration and upgrade levels, but are% the same? For example on diplomacy, will the stele change anything if you do it? It's not just a bonus, it's a real extra example of a reduction in time or less war resources, an increase in holiday time

  • Some buildings and researches are currently "capped"; after a certain level there is no longer a benefit to keep upgrading them. This is something that we plan to revise, but that's how it is for now.

  • Правилно ли е да се поддържа армия от неактивните играчи в тъпан на активен играч и три?

    Thank you for your response and attention to me.I beg you very much to answer my other question about the armies of inactive players in the city of an active player. Is this correct?

  • Think a little and then answer.
    A player makes an army on his own, and you get ready army is you make yourself a fighter !? You have an army and you are only developing economically and you are making absolutely no progress!
    You do not heal the army because it is not yours and you do not appreciate the labor and time you have spent!
    If this is normal, don't cry when you become another player's cashier.