• Domanda da principiante.

    I Nahual se li mando in missione (spionaggio o attacco) vengono persi, anche se li indirizzo verso un Barbaro o un giocatore inattivo. Giusto ?

    Ma se li mando con le truppe verso il Tambo di un alleato ?

    Spero di non doverne sacrificare qualcuno per fare la prova.

    Beginner question.

    The Nahuals if I send them on a mission (espionage or attack) are lost, even if I direct them to a Barbarian or an inactive player. Quite right ?

    But what if I send them with troops to an ally's Tambo?

    I hope I don't have to sacrifice any to prove it.

  • If you send the Nahual via "espionage", he will be lost, that is, "used up" for the espionage mission. If, however, you send the Nahual via "attack" instead, he won't get lost. This applies both to barbarian camps and players.

    If you wish to "walk your troops" overnight, and have Nahuals in your army, one option is to attack an inactive player (a low ranking inactive player). This way, you won't lose these units.

    As for Tambo: nothing will happen if you just send the Nahuals to an ally's Tambo; if, however, the ally (being "host") sends them via "espionage" somewhere, the rule as described above applies.

    Btw, feel free to check the event guide where you'll find a detailed description of these points, in the section about Nahuals and their function, see here.