Credit card payments failing ?

  • I have tried on a number of occasions to get some turquoise with my credit / debit card. but its failing. I have been able to get a little using my phone credit. but its too expensive using the phone credit. Any suggestions why my card is failing ? ( yes there is money in the account . just in case thats the first question lol )

  • I live in ireland. Just got a mail back from the payment carrier. They informed me its my Bank ? I have been using this cc for a number of games and never had any problems before. Im just waiting on my bank to get back to me now and let me know what the problem is. ............. Whats interesting is they took the money from my bank. but no turquise. and when they got in touch they told me they couldnt carry the payment and id be refunded ? if they took the money . i dont understand. if it was my banks problem they wouldnt have been able to take the funds in the first place ?

  • It's definitively not common, but it can sometimes happen that fraud prevention mechanisms trigger false positives causing situations like these. We see the payment as "Canceled" on our end which most likely means it was rejected by the card issuer, i.e. the bank. Since you already contacted our payment provider, let me know if you hear back from your bank and we'll see how to proceed from there. Feel free to contact me privately as well to follow up on this if there are any details you are not comfortable posting publically (there's a "Start conversation" button if you go to my profile on these forums).

  • No problem, we've been players too, we know it's a pain in the ass when the people behind don't listen or don't care. I can't say things will be perfect but we'll try to the best of our ability :) Keep me please updated on this in order for us to pull strings as soon as we can if we have to. Generally speaking when it comes to payment issues we try to address them rather swiftly, and from our experience there never is a case where money is stuck in limbo, so you don't have to worry about that ;) Cheers

  • As a matter of fact just yesterday we replaced our credit card processor with a new one; we are confident credit cards payments should behave more reliably now. No funds were ever lost or left in limbo with the previous one, mind you, but it's true that ocasionally it would fail for no good reason, so we set ourselves to fix that. PayPal and the rest remain reliable as they were before.