Economic change

  • I would like to ask and propose if slight or somewhat large economic change in game would be welcomed. My hope is that this could help balance warfare in game. Maybe then we could keep some new players in game.

    New resource:

    Valuables like jade, cocoa, pottery, jewelry, artwork,sea shells and tools were traded often as currency in Maya world. Nobles had their own exchange trade system that was working side by side with regular markets. Thats why new resource could be simply called valuables. As far as I know there were no concept of money.

    On the other hand Nobles in Maya world are known to their desire to please gods. So another suggestion would be prestige. Which could hold various factors inside it or just a few.


    Inside the game player would collect valuables and and keep his armies happy. If valuables deplete to 0 then armies start to slowly drop their weapons and go to civil life. Later you can lure them back, but it would cost you. Units that fight for city that has no food and empire that has no valuables will still fight if attacked. As long you still have non recruited veterans you cant recruit new unit in Jaguars temple in any village.

    To recruiting disbanded soldiers takes 1/5 of original time and 1/5 of the original cost of the unit. Awhile in civil life they take 1/2 valuables that they did when active. Units in civil life can be deleted and they can be found under Jaguars temple.

    How to get valuables?

    Every market level gives 10 valuable per hour. First level gives 500. Every stone, obsidian and coco farm level gives 10 valuables per hour. First level gives you 100. This means that if all these buildings were at level 5 you would get 960 valuables per hour. Also every Quetzal Palace level gives 800 per hour and with commerce technology you can build roads. With levels 2,4,6,8,10,15,20,25, 28 and 30. You can build road between your villages or with alliance members village. Roads give bonuses to both villages that are trading together. From one village you can build only 2 roads.


    If you make trade agreement between your village to another. You and your trading partner has to have room for it. Trade between players own villages cost only one tech slot and bonus is divided between towns. Bonus that you get from trading dependent on total population on both towns. This means that 1 million town makes trade agreement with 14 million town they both get 25% bonus in valuables production.

    • less than 1 million total population gives +5% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 1 million total population gives 10% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 4 million total population gives 15% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 6 million total population gives 20% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 15 million total population gives 25% bonus in valuables to both towns
    • More than 20 million total population gives 35% bonus in valuables to both towns

    What costs valuables?

    Units cost valuables however spys, poloms, shamans, nahuals, amazons, quipucamayocs and pochtecas are free. Jaquars cost 3 per hour. Atlants cost 10 valuables per hour and Ek Chuah units cost 120 per hour. Rest cost 1 per hour.

    Valuables cannot be traded off nor raided from other players, but some buildings may cost some valuables in one time deal. Also every time you lose a battle in town that has road with other towns. That trade route goes inactive in both towns for 6h. Giving less trade to both trading towns and empires if trade is shared.


    This idea is more straight forward. Prestige is earned by building Quetzal Palaces and making war. Every time you win a battle you get more points. More heroic the battle more points. This means more enemies killed from larger or roughly same sized army.. more points you get. In addition there could be high score of top 25 battles. If you get in there you get bonus points. Fights against barbarians dont count.

    Prestige is lost hourly by warrior units you have. Better the unit more prestige you lose. On other hand every time you build a Quetzal Palace more hourly production you get. There is also fixed cap that can be broken by winning battles. If your prestige goes to 0 then your troops will start to leave from your service until you get +100 production again from Quetzal Palace.

    Prestige cannot be sold, bought or lost to other players.

    Map objects

    River: If game would have trade like in valuables. River could play some role in game. giving reason for neighbor to ally together rather than fight. "River that are in touch in towns that are doing trade could give extra bonus." Rivers could also divide land and add 5h to traveltime + corn cost when moving troops to otherside.
    Mountain: Better defense if town is next to mountain
    Jungle: better food production. Most of the mayan food came from jungle.

  • this is bad haha i see two things colonisation table game catan, and pc game civilization of sid meyer in this haha,

    i like the idea couse i like those two games very much. btw theire both offline games so i dont know if theire are copyrights on the idea but it would be a massive update. but i like the idea

  • Now that you say. I understand the civilization part. I wrote this in library when reading book about Mayans. Colonisation I havent played. Basic idea is that we have independent hourly production restriction on troop upkeep. Corn right now does in some scale that now, but it does it pretty poorly. With EK´s problems solved easily. Harder restrictions that can keep troop count low.. yet fair so that you can save what is needed and attack larger enemies. Even if you really cant afford to keep that army for long.

    I dont see patents working on hourly production.. its in so many games and its been around for decades. And no.. I dont pretend idea itself is brand new.. revolutionary heureka idea.. :D

  • I think it's a terrible idea. The game is already complex enough. Why add more complexity? The prestige idea is OK, but not to have it go down over time. I do like that prestige earned would be based on how heroic the battle is, with no prestige for attacking a much smaller player.
    The way to balance the game is not by adding such complexity, but something simple, like a handicap for attacking smaller players.

  • Some interesting ideas here. Amazon does have a point in that complexity can some times hurt more than help, but some of it can be worth exploring. Some sort of prestige/honor system has been on our mind for some time now in particular, we recognize that war is a pretty major aspect in Tentlan and isn't reflected well enough in the highscore as it stands. We'd be happy to hear what others think.

  • Amazon has a very good point in complexity. Complex parts of my suggestion are there to support community part of the game. Since right now we have game that is build largely around the individual. Trade networks are there to give more of an reason to protect smaller players and give them more importance than they have right now. The way I saw them. They are there to improve social aspects of the game. Also some things are much more complex to explain than they really are when in place. As we also see they are very familiar from earlier games.. So people have used these type of mechanics decades now :D

    Also as long we keep "easy to learn, hard to master" type of mentality. Complexity isint really something we need to worry about.

    To Moho, Current battle system or unit stats needs work too. One of the biggest concerns is that early unit lose their importance really fast. Still Im very happy if you find something there that you can work with.

  • I like the prestige idea and Im happy that moho supported that part. That said, if this is added in the game. There are few things that should change.

    - Quetzal Palace is not the building that produces the "prestige"
    Building needs amber stone and that can be bought. If this change is added then amber should be more accessible or buying it needs to be removed from turquoise features. At very least there should be limitation on how many you can buy in month. If not this gives players too good option on buy the win. Something that I read Lionmoon dosent want to support. Game needs to be fair and game already has too many bonuses for money players. Drives away casual buyers..

    - Hourly production should be largest from capital

    - Prestige should be global

    - Corn movement costs raised and tambo should collect move corn from players in tambo.
    Corn should really make moving large armies harder. Also moving armies in tambo should be better than gifting units. This means Tambo+farm should give ideal results. In addition I would make Pochtecas best suited moving corn. Giving them ability to move 10x more corn than other res.

    In short if x player moves troops in my village. Before anyone is able to move them from tambo. That building needs to collect corn to move them. At the same time those units cost upkeep corn which is taken from village that owns them.

    -Spying needs to be fixed

    On complexity. This game is too simple in many ways. Complexity of this short wont hurt.