Gameplay hindrance

  • It's better now, though I haven't tried any huge hassle to test it. At that time 5 spy missions on a target town were enough to start causing problems. Now the server can withstandthat much.

  • You still don't get it. What you are not allowed to do is make the game impossible to play physically. If your target cannot push his troops button because his system is not working due to 280 incoming attacks, that's cheating.

    Making another player's clicking unresponsive is what's not allowed.

    This is basically it. We don't specify a fixed number of attacks or spies because what becomes a hindrance varies from player to player and server to server, so it's not like 279 attacks are fine but 280 will get you banned. So what constitutes gameplay hindrance is something we leave open, but in practical terms we are only banning extreme cases. That's what I meant when I said you'll know, you have to be very determined in being a pain in the ass to get to the point where it's extreme enough to merit a ban.

  • On the topic of server stability, it's true that servers got overloaded on ocassions where there was too much activity going on. We did recognize that early on, but solving the issues wasn't as simple as adding more hardware and calling it a day, so it's been a slow process, but we are getting there. Edzna is our most stable server yet, and we intend to keep that up.

  • Hello, as a new player to this game, but an old hand at playing war strategy games (Evony, Kingdoms of Camelot), I suggest that you join a tribe, clan or guild (whatever you call it) as soon as possible. The tribe can help protect you from this nuisance and even attack them in return, to pay back the unfriendly gameplay. That should help in this situation of over abundance of attacks to prevent you from creating a good army. I hope this helps and look forward to seeing you in game.