Siege different to plunder, different to attack

  • As thread title says, it seems like it should be possible to persistently siege an enemy city, attacking it (for example) once per hour, without troops having to go the whole way home and back again.

  • The issue with this is the fact that a much stronger player can in effect hold a weaker player to ransom. In similar games to this there is a possiblity for an attacker to ocupy your City. The issue with this is the fact that the occupied player has very little chance of ending the seige and often will give up. Some might argue that a good Alliance will help this occupied player out but this rarely happens in practive as each player is too busy developing their own Cities.

    So unless the DEVS can come up with a mechansim where an occupancy has a time limit or else there is a way for the occupied player to liberate themselves I would not be in favour of being able to lay seige to a City.

  • Siege Encampments are definitely a fine aspect of games such as this, but they have major drawbacks too if there aren't mechanisms to prevent things like;
    -Vastly more powerful people pinning down lesser people for a constant resource flow, effectively making that lesser player not want to play.
    -Vastly more powerful Alliance/Tribe/Clan controlling an entire server(s) with such a mechanic
    -Impossible to get an enemy Siege off you if your troops are significantly under theirs.

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  • It would be at least an option to attack a player or hurt him. Because for now he can send away his troops and resources any time of the day. Nothing can hurt him. If everyone uses this way of playing nothing can ever happen and troops are only useful to attack barbs. For now you can't steal anything from a player who is attentive

  • I read a suggestion that mad-dog gave in the past about the fact that it may cost you grain to siege a city which is in my eyes a good thing, maybe if the grain cost is even cumulative each day, you will not be able to stay there forever but at least the player you siege is not able to hide forever unless his tribe attacks the siege. If he doesn't attack during the siege he/she will not be able to grow for the time being

  • @bud (thanks), one thing I should add, the occupied city can't be pillaged! So you need to chose, attack and pillage or occupie the city. In that case you chose occupie if you want to hunt down an army. Disadvantage for you, grain cost!
    Advantage for the player, he can't be pillaged at that moment by the attacker!

    Or you can also think of occupie or siege and the attacker loses between 5-10% of his army each day for the rebbelion orso..... Something like that. But that way you can prevend the far away transports.