• world order,

    i have a doubt.

    "It is not possible for a player to attack or spy on another player whose score is 10 times higher or lower than theirs."

    - the rule.

    do you mean that 75 % of that server's players were above 7.3 mil.?

  • I mean i can drop my points any time i want 12k jaguars are 5m poitns i can drop my points to 50 mil. and again there will be no one who can stand infront of me. Yes most of the active playes are 5+m. points.
    But i think the topic of this thread is pushing not abot the players points or army

  • Hi all,

    With respect, I would suggest that any complaints about why a player was banned are best dealt with by email between that player and admin on support@lionmoon.com.

    In response to ksunni's original post, the rules about pushing (as posted above by other players) seem to answer the query.


    Captain B

  • Worldorder,

    Once again, I think you are violating the rules of the Game.

    Game Rules

    Quote from M0H0

    §2. Communication

    ... ... ...
    c) It is not allowed to publish private correspondence (personal messages, personal discussions) without an explicit consent of all participants, including any communication with members of the support team.

    ... ... ...

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  • This is not private conversation between me and M0H0, its a copy from another thread.

    If you're looking for an intrigue, believe me, you will not find it

    Best regards: Worldorder