Fire Feast and Lightning Feast

  • Hi,

    Consider the situation:

    I want to attack a player who is 1 hr away from me. My fire feast will last for 30 mins only. To get the effects of fire feast do i need to start it when i send the attack or after my troops have reached half of their journey (i.e. 30 mins remaining for the attack to happen)?

    Also let me know if i have started the lightning feast when i sent an attack but it was over before the attack was done, so in the return trip will my troops have normal speed or double?

    Please help.


  • - I have a troop outside of my city, and I wish to activate the Fire Feast. Would its effects apply to that troop as well?

    Yes. If you have a troop that is already outside of your city, and then you activate the Fire Feast, its effects (+100% strength) will apply to all troops originating from the same city where the Fire Feast is active. It is not important when you've sent off your troops, what counts is the city from which the troop has been sent: it must be the same city so that the Fire Feast effects would apply.

    It sounds like you would need to begin the Fire Feast so that it is active when your troops arrive. But remember, it takes time for the ritual (that begins the feast) to finish, so account for that when timing your feast and attack.

    About the lightning feast, I know nothing. However, I do know that you can only have one feast active at a time.

  • the efects of any feast afects the moment of the event, example, when you send the attack with lightning it will afect the entire journey, go and back, and to strike harder you use the fire feast, wich need to stay active in the moment of the strike

  • All answers here are correct, but in case of doubt I can confirm that 1) feasts apply the exact moment a battle occurs, and consequently the feast needs to be active when a battle takes place for it to work, not necessarily before the troops start moving and 2) feasts apply only to your troops in case you send troops with allies via Tambo.