• Hello All,
    I have some queries regarding the new pro-barbarian server nakumal.
    1. Will all the barbarian villages of same level have the same buildings and research levels? Lets suppose all level 1 barbs villages, will they have same building n reasearch level? Just their troop strength n resources will be different.

    2. On normal servers amazons n nahuals in a barbarian village do not switch sides when defeated. This is going to change? In this server we can get them by defeating barb village right?


  • From reading the post, I gather that:
    1. Barbarian villages won't have levels--their troops, resources, researches, and buildings will be randomly generated; and

    2. You can get Amazons and Nahuals by defeating barbarians that have them:

    some may even host Nahuals and Amazon Warriors for you to fetch

  • If everything in barbarian villages is randomly generated then it will become difficult to spy them.

    yes, what is the chance of your losing all your spies when you spy on the barbs? they could be anything from lvl 1 strength to lvl 9..

    and if you lose the spies, there is the time to make them again. and you really don't know how many you have to make to be successful.